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The art curriculum for kindergarten through 8th grades at Our Lady of the Lake introduces students to the language of art by learning the Element of Art - line, shape, form, color, texture, shape and, the Principles of Design -  balance, proportion, rhythm, emphasis, variety, unity, and contrast. These elements and principles are explored through a number of projects using different mediums.
Students also learn about the Studio Habits of Mind. The basic understanding of the habits helps student to focus on the processes of creative thinking. The 8 habits are: Develop craft, engage + persist, envision, observe, reflect, stretch + explore, and understand art worlds.
The students experiment with a wide range of materials to create drawings, paintings, sculpture and printmaking. The program goals are for students to understand that artists are thinkers and problem solvers who:
  • Respect - the uniqueness and creativity of themselves and others
  • Express - themselves through languages other than spoken or written
  • Understand - the contributions of the arts and artists to societies and cultures, past and present
  • Gain - a lasting appreciation of art forms experienced as participant and as an audience
  • Recognize - the many connections between the arts and the value it
I believe that visual art education is an integral part of a student's complete education. The experience of creating something allows a student to make decisions and develop problem-solving skills which are critical for success in our rapidly changing world. Through this process, the student also develops an understanding of the value for their own work and a sense of accomplishment. Art and creative thinking fosters an individual sense of identity which in turn helps a student learn about themselves as an individual and others.  
Susan Ozubko

I have taught K-8 art education programs for 16 years. I continue to be an advocate for the importance of art education integration within the school curriculum. From 2006 to 2016, I taught a six-week study abroad course in design, photography, and bookmaking in Rome. My photographs have also been part of the Rome photography exhibits at the University of Washington.