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Spring Musical

Our Lady of the Lake’s Spring Musical is a highly anticipated event and is one that has a long history that started the early 1980s. Beginning as a community theater event, it has evolved over the years to what you see today.

We invite all middle school students to take part in our shows and in all aspects. Our students participate as actors, sound and light technicians, backstage crew, house management, and publicity. Developing our students’ theater skills, and providing, for many, a once in a lifetime opportunity, is our goal.

With this goal in mind, we are always looking for ways to include our entire school community and provide opportunity for more. Our shows feature our K-3rd graders in a musical number of their own, and invites our 4th – 5th graders to get involved in a more technical aspect of helping to run the front of the house. This provides our younger students an opportunity to get their feet wet in the experience before stepping into a larger part of the production in middle school.

With auditions late November, and rehearsals starting in January, hundreds of hours are put in by students, staff, and volunteers to produce what you see on stage in early March. We invite you to our theater to see it for yourself and enjoy the experience.