Tuition & Affordability

2023-2024 Tuition

(Kindergarten -8th Grade)
Annual Tuition 12 Monthly Payments
    1 Student $9,784 $816
    2 Students $18,581 $1,549
    3 Students $24,788 $2,066
    4 Students $29,632 $2,469
(Kindergarten - 8th Grade)
    Per Student $13,231 $1,103
Our early learners eduction is (8:30am - 12:30pm) or Kids Club is available until 6pm. Early Learner students have the option to attend 4 or 5 days per week. 
(Early Learners ages 3-5)
Annual Tuition 12 Monthly Payments
    4 days a week $7,025 $586
    5 days a week $8,651 $721
(Early Learners ages 3-5)
    4 days a week $7,584 $632
    5 days a week $9,212 $768
We use SchoolAdmin to collect tuition at the timing which is best for your family - monthly (12 payments), quarterly, or semi-annually.  Families may also choose to simply pay in full with a check.

In-Parish Rates

Active members of Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church qualify for in-parish rates. A family must meet the following obligations: 
  • Register with the parish office
  • Attend Mass regularly
  • Complete the annual Stewardship Form  

Financial Aid and Affordability

We are committed to making Catholic education affordable and accessible to all who seek it. Families are able to apply for tuition assistance through the Fulcrum Foundation as well as our Laker Scholarship Fund. A family must apply each year through the Fulcrum Foundation to qualify for a grant—all awards are based on financial need.
  • Fulcrum Foundation financial aid applications were due on January 6, 2023.
  • To apply for any tuition assistance, families must complete the Fulcrum Foundation Aid Application even if you apply after the January deadline.
  • OLL uses the information from the Fulcrum application to determine tuition assistance awards from the Laker Scholarship Fund; there is not a separate application.
For questions regarding tuition or financial aid options, please contact Kate Orizotti, OLL Principal.
"The teaching staff deserves a standing ovation. It is clear that their focus is to prepare our children for their next level - and they do! Though beyond that, they provide a very safe space for our daughters to learn and thrive. Both girls have asked us to let them stay at OLL forever!"
- OLL School Parent
"My children’s teachers were fully invested in academic and social/emotional outcomes. My children could feel this and gave their best effort because they knew how much their teachers cared about them. We have found OLL to be an academically rigorous, civically minded, and very caring community. We love the school! We could not be happier at OLL."
- Kelli H., School Parent