Tuition & Fees

Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School offers both In-Parish and Out-of-Parish tuition rates. The chart below reflects the tuition rates for the 2024-2025 school year. Parents have the option to pay tuition in one payment, two payments, quarterly, or monthly, and financial aid funds are available to ensure that tuition is not a barrier for any child.

2024-2025 Tuition

In-Parish Rate for Active Parishioners
(Kindergarten - 8th Grade)
Annual Tuition 12 Monthly Payments
 One Child $10,272 $856
 Two Children $19,512 $1,626
 Three Children $26,028 $2,169
 Four Children $31,104 $2,592
(Kindergarten - 8th Grade)
 Per Student $13,884 $1,157
Our Preschool and PreK classes are in session from 8:30am - 12:30pm and Kids Club (after-school care) is available until 6pm. Preschool and PreK students have the option to attend 4 or 5 days per week. 
(Early Learners ages 3-5)
Annual Tuition 12 Monthly Payments
 4 days a week $7,368 $614
 5 days a week $9,072 $756
(Early Learners ages 3-5)
 4 days a week $7,956 $663
 5 days a week $9,672 $806
In-Parish tuition is designated for active, registered parishioners of Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church who desire a Catholic education for their child/ren. In order to be considered for In-Parish tuition, the following criteria must be met:
  • At least one parent is baptized Catholic
  • The family has been registered with Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church for a minimum of six months and has a current Stewardship of Treasure commitment card on file with the parish office and demonstrates a good faith effort to fulfill that commitment (families transferring in from another Catholic parish need to provide a letter from the Pastor stating that they are a participating member)
  • The family is actively involved in parish life which includes regular participation in Sunday liturgies and other parish gatherings
If a family becomes eligible for in-parish tuition during a school year, the in-parish rate will go into effect at that time in which the family notifies the school.

Cost of Education

Tuition accounts for approximately 75% of the school's total income, with the balance of our income generated through our development efforts (fundraising such as our yearly auction, Fun Run, OLL Annual Fund, Lake Scholarship Fund, etc.). There are three components to a family's contractual obligation to Our Lady of the Lake: tuition, volunteer hours, and participation in fundraising.

Financial Aid and Affordability

Our Lady of the Lake is committed to making Catholic education affordable and accessible to all who seek it. Families are able to apply for tuition assistance through the Fulcrum Foundation as well as our Laker Scholarship Fund. A family must apply each year through the Fulcrum Foundation to qualify for a grant and all awards are based on financial need.
  • Fulcrum Foundation financial aid applications are due by December 31 each calendar year.
  • To apply for any tuition assistance, families must complete the Fulcrum Foundation Aid Application even if you apply after the December deadline.
  • OLL uses the information from the Fulcrum application to determine tuition assistance awards from the OLL Laker Scholarship Fund; there is not a separate application.
For questions regarding tuition or financial aid options, please contact Kate Orizotti, OLL Principal.
Fundraising Responsibility 2024-2025

In support of our yearly auction, each family is required to procure items or services for the auction valued at $250 or greater. In addition, four volunteer hours must be allocated towards the auction. 
Volunteer Hours

We ask parents for 36 volunteer hours. There are many fun and rewarding school events and efforts where parents are able to volunteer their time and talent to enhance their student's learning experience. If a family is unable to complete their volunteer hour requirement, they have an option to "buy out" any unfulfilled hours at $20 per hour.
"The teaching staff deserves a standing ovation. It is clear that their focus is to prepare our children for their next level - and they do! Though beyond that, they provide a very safe space for our daughters to learn and thrive. Both girls have asked us to let them stay at OLL forever!"
- OLL School Parent