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Laker Fun Run!


We did it! Thank you, Laker Community!

Thanks to your generosity and all of our Laker community, we surpassed our Laker Fun Run fundraising goal!
This year's Laker Fun Run raised nearly $42,000 (and counting...a few gifts remaining to be matched)! These funds are especially needed for our school operating budget during this moment in time, and they ensure we're also able to fund items for Spanish, PE, and our School Family t-shirts.
Our thanks to everyone for reaching out to friends and family and for your generous support. It truly is making a difference. Here are the final standings for the top three classes of the friendly competition for highest average donation by grade:
Top Grades:
1st: 2nd Grade ($246)  
2nd: Preschool ($205)
3rd: 8th Grade ($185)
We're grateful for everyone's support and all who helped make this happen.

Click here to watch the 2020 Laker Fun Run Kick-Off Video!