Mission & Core Values

Our Mission

Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School is a welcoming and inclusive community committed to a tradition of excellence by nurturing hearts, inspiring minds and igniting spirits.

Core Values

  • Community: We gather, pray and learn together.
  • Discipleship: We believe we are made in the image of God and are committed to teaching and living the Gospel message of love.
  • Inclusion: We boldly welcome, support and respect all people.
  • Compassion: We engage in and promote service, justice and mercy.
  • Presence: We strive to be present to one another, embrace change and foster growth within and beyond our community.
  • Gratitude: We are good stewards, giving of ourselves and our resources.
  • Spirituality: We seek to be with God in all we do.


At Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School, we believe that parents are the primary educators of their children, especially when it comes to faith formation. As a ministry of Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, the school sees the spiritual formation of children - igniting their spirits - as the heart of Catholic education. Teaching children to be disciples of Jesus Christ and to have a mindfulness of His presence in our lives is part of every subject every day. As such, Catholic education is complete when a strong partnership exists between school and families.