Fourth Grade



Focus: Students focus on the decoding/morphology of words up to six syllable types, Greek combining forms, Latin derived suffixes, plus some Old English suffixes. They will recognize and explain figurative and literal language as well as similes, metaphors and idioms.

Textbook: Wit and Wisdom


Students use exceptional informational, narrative and expository texts to develop independent written work. They research, gather evidence from literature and other sources. They synthesize opinions and ideas based on the themes focused on in each module.
They use the four kinds of punctuation, quotations, employ precise words in research projects, and incorporate figurative phrases, similes and idioms. They will construct multiparagraph essays built on evidence.
Textbook: Wit and Wisdom Modules 1,2, and 4.


Focus: Fourth-grade Eureka math focuses on using  place value, area models and algorithms for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division computation.  Students also study geometry and apply foundational knowledge and algebraic thinking with fractions.
Textbook: Eureka Math


4-PS3 Energy
4-PS4 Waves and their Applications in Technologies for Information Transfer 
4-LS1 From Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes
4-ESS1 Earth’s Place in the Universe
4-ESS2 Earth’s Systems
Earth and Human Activity

Textbook/Curriculum: Community Waters from Islandwood, Salmon in the Schools from SPU, Survive the Sound from Long Live the Kings, FOSS Measurement, and Seadoc Society's The Salish Sea.

Social Studies

WA State History
Living in Celilo: A Storypath Exploring the Lasting Legacy of Celilo Falls, Office of Native Education/OPI, WA
Being Citizens of WA: Salmon Recovery and the Boldt Decision, OPI.
Civic Engagement: Thornton Creek Watershed Citizen, Southern Resident Orca public awareness posters, and Stormwater Education
Textbook: TCI Studies Alive! Regions of Our Country


  • Care of God’s Creation
  • Catholic Social Teachings
  • Saints

Textbook: Finding God 

Service and Leadership

We are the waste warriors at the school. We work with Recology and Cleanscapes to change attitudes towards our waste selection and the amount of waste we produce. We are the school garden stewards and donate to the University Food Bank. We participate in community based science with the Thornton Creek Alliance and Seattle Public Utilities to monitor the health of Maple Creek, a tributary of the watershed. We foster a relationship with our parish sister school and sell seeds to raise money for their school. 


4th graders at Our Lady of the Lake focus on the environment by studying and monitoring a local watershed, learning about native and invasive species, becoming the caretakers of the Salmon in the Schools project, and engaging in stormwater awareness activities. Specifically, students monitor the health of Maple Creek and are part of the Thornton Creek Watershed Citizen Science Project. As our school gardeners, they plan and maintain our school garden, as well as nurture 200 western hemlock and Douglas fir saplings for salmon habitat restoration.  Finally, they continue to foster a relationship with students in our parish sister school, Reverendo Miguel Ángel Vásquez School in Los Rodeitos, Nicaragua.

Special Events

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33
I have been a teacher for over 30 years and have taught a range of subjects and age levels. I was a middle school science teacher, K-8 science mentor teacher and taught second grade. I am now in my sixth year of teaching fourth grade. I was raised on Vancouver Island, Canada and completed my BA and teacher certification at the University of Washington. In December 2020, I completed my Master’s in Teaching in the Biological Sciences at Miami University of Ohio and partnered with the Woodland Park Zoo. In 2019, I traveled to Brazil and worked with a local conservation group in Paraguay. I also have lived in France, Turkey and now reside here in Seattle with my family.