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3rd Grade

During 3rd grade, students will venture on field trips to Seattle Art Museum, Burke Museum, and MOHAI to learn about the First Americans, as well as the Living Computers Museum, Seattle Children's Theatre and The Center for Wooden Boats.  Children will also volunteer at St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank at Christmastime. This is the first year that students will be paired with Pre-K Reading Buddies (older students from a partner class) for weekly reading and activities. This benefits both grades of students in modeling of reading fluency, fostering leadership and improving confidence.

Ms. Caroline Gaskill 


I have been teaching for 13 years and have taught students in all grades from kindergarten to 8th grade.  I believe that learning is meant to be an enjoyable experience.  It is a process of discovery, trial and error, asking questions, engaging in conversation and activities, and determining how to apply what is learned to the real world outside of the classroom.  Learning takes place when students feel safe and that their needs are known and met.