5th Grade

In 5th grade, we dig deeper in all subjects in preparation for middle school. Our students study the geography of our nation and learn how early U.S. history shaped today's map of the 50 states. We bring history to life through a Colonial Williamsburg reenactment and historical play. With our State Project, all students study one state in depth and complete a written report, visual presentation board and travel brochure about their state. We also encourage 5th graders to take on more responsibility for our school, for example by opening the gates for carpool pick up every day and controlling recess equipment. We build community by using tables instead of desks in the classroom.

Mr. Nick Meaux

I am originally from Louisiana and graduated from the University of Louisiana, Lafayette - GO CAJUNS! I moved to Seattle in 2006 when I married my wife. I received my teaching degree in 2009 from the University of Washington. I taught my first year in second grade and the last eight in 5th grade. I believe in seeing the individual child and meeting their needs. Mahalo!