6th Grade

6th-grade students master organization skills that will help them throughout middle school and beyond. We focus on technology including Membean’s vocabulary approach, TCI’s interactive Social Studies curriculum, and Quill language practice. Special class bonding and leadership skills are learned at our spring Camp Seymour experience – something the students look forward to all year. We immerse ourselves in ancient world history, expanding our minds with interactive projects such as the Egyptian banquet and Greek god project.
Mrs. Erica Pierson
Based on my 22 years of teaching, I believe it is my job to educate the whole child. It is my hope that each child will grow in their compassion towards others, demonstrate academic curiosity and develop a deeper faith. I am passionate about travel and share my experiences to deepen my student’s understanding of historical events, people and places. I will strive to meet each student’s individual needs through a variety of teaching strategies and assessments. I believe that I cannot do this alone but with strong parental support, your child will achieve their goals.