PreK Mrs. Joynt

Pre-K students at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School have an enriched weekly curriculum that benefits from all specialist activities in the school including Physical Education, Music and Library. We are part of the community and participate in school families where students from each grade level come together to complete service projects and community activities, as well as unique events like Junior Olympics. By the end of the year we are able to hold a pencil with the correct 3-finger grip, write our first name, know and recognize numbers 1-10, know and recognize some letters of the alphabet (and their sounds) and have self-sufficiency skills.
Here are some resources to help with at-home school: Busy Toddler , Scholastic Virtual Learning Khan Academy,

Mrs. Marisol Joynt

I received my Montessori Early Childhood certificate in 1990 from Montessori Teachers Northwest. I taught preschool from 1991-1999 and took time off to raise my two sons, David who is now a sophomore in college, and Marc, a sophomore at Bishop Blanchet High School. Marc was attending PreK at OLL in 2008 when I returned to teaching.