Academic Support

Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School provides support services to students with diverse learning needs.  Teachers in grades 1-5 are trained in the Slingerland® Approach to Language Arts.  “Successful literacy instruction and intervention, especially for students learning to read and write and those who struggle provide a strong core of highly explicit, systematic teaching of foundational skills , as well as explicit teaching of other important components of literacy such as vocabulary, comprehension, and writing” (Fletcher et al 2018).  Our classrooms are a safe place for all students. A place where they can learn and grow, take risks, experience success and failure, and achieve to their highest potential.

Our staff includes 2 reading specialists, a math specialist and a learning support teacher for the middle school.  These teachers, along with the work of the classroom teachers, ensure all students achieve at a high level. On a regular basis student progress is monitored and students who would benefit from support are identified. Specialists work with classes, small groups, and individuals.  Providing early identification for students who are at-risk is important to ensure that all students succeed in reading, writing, and math.

Successful community partnerships help provide an extension of Our Lady of the Lake support services. The Seattle School District offers a Service Plan on campus for individual students who qualify for special education. Our Lady of the Lake has a long relationship with a variety highly qualified tutors, psychologists, and other providers who both refer students who would benefit from our program and offer private testing and tutoring for students at the expense of parent.