Rehearsal Schedule

Please check back regularly for updates!



Monday, March 9th: FULL DRESS REHEARSAL.



  • 4:30 Carolyn Arrives
  • 4:40 Volunteers Arrive
  • 4:45 Shrek, Pinnochio, Dragon, Fiona, Donkey
  • 5:15  Farquaad, Fairytale Characters, and Captain of the Guards
  • 5:30  Chorus, Ensemble, Guards,
  • 6:00 Crew and K-5 Flowers and Trees, Puss and Boots
  • 9:15 Dismiss


Tuesday, March 10th: DRESS REHEARSAL

Goal is to have curtain at 6:45p.


·        Carolyn call 4:30p

·        Volunteers call 4:40p (unless head of department calls different)

·        Middle School Cast called 4:45p

·        Flowers/Trees and Flower Gathers, Deer/Puss in Boots call time at 5:00p

·        CREW called at 5:00p

·        9:15p dismissed

Wednesday, March 11th: Costumes and Mics.

Goal is to have curtain at 1:00p

·        11:45p ALL CAST, CREW and Volunteers, eat lunch, in back of the theater or concessions area

·        5:00p Dismissed