In Kindergarten, we learn handwriting, phonics and word recognition and perceive ourselves as authors and illustrators from the very first day of school. Through our Writers Workshop we develop the life-long skill of communicating ideas through drawings and words. We also grow in our faith with a hands-on religion program and develop our missionary spirit as we raise funds for our Goat Project.

Mrs. Julie Baricevic


I am proud to say my 20 years of teaching have been predominantly in Catholic education. I have always been devoted to the education of young children. I began my career teaching pre-Kindergarten and for the last 6 years have been teaching kindergarten. I believe each child has unique strengths and preferred learning styles. My approach to powerful learning is to promote emotional engagement by bringing love, laughter and passion into the classroom. My high expectations for children's literacy development, thinking skills and love of learning keeps me challenged and reflective.