Audition Central

Here you will find many resources you need for your audition.
Consider our Audition Workshop on November 18th and 19th to help you prepare for your audition. Sign-Up Here.
Sign-Up for your Audition Here.
Paperwork you need for your audition. Paper copies can also be found in the school hallway at Audition Central.
Youtube playlists to help you familiarize yourself with the music and prepare for your audition. You can sing along with the voice track, but make sure your voice is clear and loud enough for us to hear.
These are the sides (scripts) that you can also find in paper form at Audition Central in the school hallway.
Accent Help
For auditions, accents are not required. In fact with NY being such a diverse area, accents will vary considerably depending on who plays the characters. Katherine, Pulitzer and some of the others in the "upper-class" group will not have as strong of an accent as Jack or Crutchie. We will develop each character's accent in the rehearsal process, but if you want to get started here are two videos to check out. 
The real work starts: