Tomorrow, December 1, Callbacks are scheduled to take place in the Multipurpose Room. It's crucial that you arrive well-rested, with controlled energy, and an open mind. Make sure to bring a filled water bottle, and if you need a snack, please bring one along. Upon entering the room, place your backpack and other belongings along the blue wall.


Assigned seats will be provided, so find your spot quickly. Feel free to enjoy your snack; however, be aware that we may need to begin before you finish. It's important for you to be nourished for the activities ahead.


We have high expectations for tomorrow's session and will be presenting a substantial amount of information. Approach the day with an open mind and give us your best effort. Every moment you spend with us tomorrow contributes to our decision-making for each role. Leave your all in the Multipurpose Room, and take pride in showcasing your talents.


As a preparation request, we encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with the song "Fixer Upper." You can find the YouTube version of the song at Song sheets will be provided during the session.


All Auditioners are called from 3:00 pm – 4:15 pm, at 4:15 pm 6th and 7th graders are dismissed

8th Graders will stay until 5:45 pm and then they will be dismissed.


If you have a question or need clarification please email me!