Weekly Newsletter

The 7th Grade Weekly

Room 200, January 12th


by Mr. TJ Breysse



It was another busy, packed week in 7th grade. While some students started a little slow in the beginning of the week, overall I'm very impressed with how the class was able to come back and get into the school routine. It can be very tough to "get the engine started" after break, but the 7th graders seem to know when its time to get down to business.

In social studies, we have moved into West Africa. The students will be learning about the incredible empires of Ghana and Mali. On Monday, they will be finishing a small project based on the famous traveler Ibn Battuta. The students jumped right into this project and stayed engaged on Friday. I'm very excited to see the finished products and hopefully display the results during Catholic Schools Week.

In ELA, we have started the novel Code Talker. We will be able to explore Navajo history, US history, and themes of individuality and the effects of war through this book. Some students can find this book to be a little tough. To help, we are creating a virtual word wall on Google Classroom. Students can either post words they don't know or help others with definitions. Ideally, this can help with comprehension. One last note on ELA: we are starting an independent book project this week. The students will be choosing a book at their reading level and then completing a review on that book. More details to come about support that can be offered at home.

Important Notes:

Catholic Schools Week begins January 26th with an Open House. I believe it starts at 10:30 after morning mass. I always encourage families to come if they are able to. It is a fun time for students to show off some of their work.

This Thursday, January 16th, is a free dress day.

School will be closed Monday, January 20th for Martin Luther King Jr. Day