Weekly Newsletter

The 7th Grade Weekly

Week of October 19th - 23rd


by Mr. TJ Breysse



Good morning 7th grade students and families,


By now, I hope you received the sign-up link for conferences. Just in case, I've also attached to sign-up link to my weekly email. Please sign up when you have a free minute. Thank you! Conferences will be on Zoom starting on Wednesday October 28th and going until Friday October 30th. If it is absolutely necessary, please reach out to me if you need an alternative conference time.


Conferences will be partly student-led as they discuss their successes and challenges of the school year so far.


I have received most of the 7th graders artifact proposals by now and if students have turned in their proposal, they can see their artifact choice on Google Classroom. In social studies this week, we'll be focusing on practicing research skills. The 7th graders will get the full instructions and rubrics for their essay and artifact. This is a big project, but I'm going to be dedicating some class time for students to work on their essays and artifacts, just as I would if we were in-person learning. I'll also be offering office hours on Fridays for students that need extra help or direction. The final due date of this project is Friday, November 6th with presentations starting the following week.


In ELA, we've begun our short stories unit where we'll be focusing on narrative elements (how does an author build a good story?) We read "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson and saw how suspense can create an interesting, engaging, and exciting story. This week, we'll be reading two stories. One will focus on theme and the other will focus on writing great setting details. One thing I love about reading short stories with students is they usually spark great discussions. Feel free to ask students about what they're reading!


One high note of the week is I asked students to step up and try to participate in the all-class discussion after completing our reading of the week. I was really happy to see over half the class jump in to the discussion and volunteer an answer. For some reason, some students can seem a bit more shy online. I know participation is a struggle for some and online participation can be an extra challenge, but it makes my day to see students try their best.


For 7th math this week, students will be wrapping all of the work they have done with proportional relationships and beginning a brief intro to scale factors & scaling. There will be an art project associated and Mrs. Hawk and Mrs. Boone will have supplies for students to pick up on Friday (10/23).


One housekeeping note, it's Spirit Week at OLL this week! Students: I have posted the schedule of dress-up days on Google Classroom. I can't wait to see some great costumes and dress-up!


- Mr. Breysse