Weekly Newsletter

The 7th Grade Weekly

Week of January 18th - 22nd


by Mr. TJ Breysse



Good afternoon 7th grade students and families,


*I've sent MAP instructions in my weekly email. Please check there for more!*


It has now been two full schools weeks into the new year and the 7th graders are shaking off that little bit of "vacation haze" that sometimes get accumulated after a long break. Second trimester of 7th grade definitely gets a little tougher and students begin to hit those challenges starting now. Students may find themselves going to their teachers' office hours more often than in fall. That is OK and should be encouraged! One thing I'm constantly trying to teach the 7th graders is the it is OK to ask for help and not a sign that they "can't" do something.


Now on to this week's preview:


ELA: This week, we'll be starting Code Talker in earnest. It takes us a little extra time to ramp up to this book because there's a large amount of background to cover first. For example, this book is set during World War II, which students have not been exposed to too much in an academic setting. Sometimes students ask me if ELA has turned into a social studies class due to the history we start covering. Fear not, students, ELA is here to stay!


Quick note: I've been pushing students to remember their weekly Membean. These assignments add up to 50-70 points each trimester, so its important to not miss this weekly assignment!


Social studies: Last Friday, students read an overview of the Crusades and this week, we'll dive deeper into some specific events of the Crusades. This topic always sparks interesting conversations in class since the Church that sparked the Crusades is unrecognizable to us today. By next week, students will be starting a small project: writing a newspaper article based on the events of the Crusades from a specific point of view.


Religion: This week, religion will focus on the New Testament, specifically the Gospel of John.


Art: This week we will explore the art of Corita Kent, our artist of the month. We will continue to discuss the importance of color as we start our next project. Don't forget your watercolors!


Take care all,


- Mr. Breysse