Weekly Newsletter

The 7th Grade Weekly

Room 200, March 29th


by Mr. TJ Breysse



I've fielded a few questions from families this week that I'd like to address below.
1. What are the "weekly reviews"?
In order to limit the amount of scanning and uploading, I'll be giving students a "weekly review." I assign these at the end of every week and they need to be turned in by Sunday. This assignment covers both homework and classwork from that week. Students are encouraged to use their homework and notes from the week. These reviews serve two purposes: 1.) it's a straightforward way for students to show what the learned that week, and 2.) they provide me an opportunity to check in with every student.
2. What kind of support is my student receiving?
I know this is a big concern with many families and I thank everyone for having patience as I continue to set up different facets of online learning.
  • Students have a direct line of communication with me through email. Yes, some questions aren't always answerable over email, but encourage them to start there.
  • Open question time after class: I stay on Zoom after each class in order to field any question students may have.
  • Optional Zoom time: Every Friday from 2-3 PM, I'll be on Zoom to answer student questions.
  • Flexible turn in time: As much as possible, I'm giving students a little more time to turn in graded work. For example, the weekly reviews are assigned on Friday at 2 PM and they are due Sunday evening.
  • One-on-one support: Bonnie Meyer is working to set-up a schedule of one-on-one support with students. These one-on-ones could be helping in specific subjects or just doing a check-in on work completion. This is developing this weekend, so when I have more information, I'll let you know.
3. What should I do if my student is struggling?
Please reach out and let me know if you have concerns. Some parents have expressed to me that they feel like they are working more now than ever. I totally understand the feeling! Even though I am no longer in a physical classroom, my goal is to support any and all students. However, I now see them only one hour per day and struggling students that I caught before can pass by much easier now. The family-teacher cooperation is more necessary than ever. I will continue to provide you with as much communication as I can on my end.
If you have other questions about online learning, let me know.
Overall, I'm impressed with the 7th grade students and their ability to transition to online learning. I'm seeing good effort inside and outside of class time. We're beginning to have some solid discussions with participation from nearly everyone! I hope this positive trend continues as we all settle into online learning.