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Weekly Newsletter

The 7th Grade Weekly

Room 200, November 4th - 8th


by Mr. TJ Breysse



The Week's Top Stories

What makes a source credible? How do we determine whether or not is should be used in a research paper? These questions were explored by the 7th graders this week. As a class, we started to see that the research process can be tough and require a certain amount of patience. I was excited to see the 7th graders jump into their projects without hesitation. The expectation for Tuesday is that they come prepared with most of their first draft writing completed. The students will be focusing on editing and finishing touches this week. One question you could ask your student is "What is your plan for finishing your project and paper on time? Is there anything you need help with?"

In ELA, we are nearing the end of our readings out of The Canterbury Tales. As a class, we have been analyzing parts of story by reviewing rising action, climax, and falling actions. By using that prior knowledge, the students began to explore pacing of stories. Finally, the students used Newsela for the first time this year. This is a site we will continue to use in order to boost informational reading and analysis skills. This week, we read an interesting article that discussed Seattle Public Schools' decision to move back school start times to help student success.

Important Notes

The Food Drive is off to a great start! I don't have an official count for 7th grade, but I would guess we are already near 200 items. Great work!

A Sign-Up Genius was sent out this week by our room parents to ask for drivers for our field trip to Taproot Theater in December. I will try to get these sign-ups out early since I know most need the planning time.

You are invited to our Medieval Museum this Friday, November 15th, at 1:30 - 3:00PM in the MPR. I understand this is during the day, but we would love to see you if you are able.

As you may have seen in the newsletter, there is an Open House this Thursday. There will be an excellent talk by Tammy Fisher, PhD, at 6:30pm on “Calm Clarity: Strategies to Support Your Child's Social/Emotional Well-Being in the Screen Age.”