4th Grade » Curriculum


  • Weather, climate change, stormwater pollution
  • The Scientific Method
  • Energy
  • Ecosystems: the Salish Sea and watersheds
  • Machines (matter, forces, energy)
  • Weather/climate change
Social Studies
  • WA State History: TCI Social Studies Alive! Regions of Our Country (textbook and workbooks)
  • 19th-century cultural experiences and conflict
  • Maps and geography
  • Junior Olympics: WA History and the Environment
  • Civic Engagement: Thornton Creek Watershed Citizen and Stormwater Education
  • Eureka Math scope and sequence (practice book and homework book)
  • Multiplication & division with multi-digit whole numbers
  • Addition and subtraction of numbers up to 1,000,000
  • Fractions
  • Metric system, geometry
  • Graphs and data displays
  • Exploring genres
  • Elements of a story
  • Slingerland and CIA methods
  • Grade level vocabulary
  • Grammar/Greek and Latin roots
  • Grade level spelling
  • Writer’s Workshop: literary essay, featured article and informational video
  • Historical fiction narrative, expository, persuasive writing
  • Service: Seed project and Thornton Creek Citizen Science Project
  • School Garden Stewardship
  • Beatitudes and the Ten Commandments
  • Care of God’s Creation
  • Catholic Social Teachings
  • Saints
  • Finding God (Textbook)