Uniform Policy


In order to assist in maintaining a safe and positive learning environment, the Pastor, Principal, School Staff, School Commission and Parents’ Club have approved a Uniform Policy for dress and grooming. School uniforms and a uniform policy create an environment that discourages using fashion as a status symbol or arena for competition. The uniform is a symbol of the students’ pride in themselves and a representation of the school to the community.

Within this Uniform Policy, parents have the opportunity and responsibility to teach their children about values and attitudes regarding dress and peer pressure. No dress code can replace good parental judgment. Parents must encourage adherence to the uniform policy.

Every school day, each student is expected to possess a complete uniform (including a sweater, vest or sweatshirt). The complete uniform is to be worn at all school Masses.

Official scout uniforms may be worn on meeting days in lieu of the school uniform. All clothing worn to school should be clean and in good condition. All clothing should represent good moral values and not present any safety or health issues.

The administration has the right to ask a student to change his or her clothes if the clothes are deemed inappropriate for school. The school administration will determine the appropriateness of any clothing not specifically covered in the Policy.

The Year-Round Uniform

All uniforms are to be no more than two sizes larger or smaller than regular fit.  Most uniform clothing (i.e., polo shirts, pants, shorts, skorts, jumpers) can be purchased at the Dennis Uniform websiteThe Our Lady of the Lake uniform standards are set by what is available at the Dennis Uniform store, though some uniform items may be purchased at other stores (such as Nordstrom, Target, Old Navy, Wal-Mart, Land’s End, and others), as long as the style and colors are the same as those designated at the Dennis Uniform store. School sweatshirts, fleece jackets and vests can be purchased at www.landsend.com.  

The standard uniform choices for students at Our Lady of the Lake are as follows:

  • Sweatshirts and Sweaters:  School sweatshirt with Our Lady of the Lake insignia (Navy Blue k-5th grade; Gray or Navy Blue 6-8th grade).
  • Navy Blue cardigan with Our Lady of the Lake insignia.
  • Shoes: Students should wear shoes with a closed toe and a back to the shoe. Sturdy dress shoes, tennis shoes or dress boots are acceptable types of shoes. Shoes should be clean and laces tied at all times. Velcro is acceptable. No lights or wheels are allowed on shoes. Sandals, flip-flops, cumbersome hiking boots, high-heeled boots and cowboy boots are not allowed.
  • Fleece vests with the school logo.
  • Socks must be worn at all times.
  • Navy blue pants, shorts or skort all grades (no jeggings, or capri pants, cargo or corduroy and shorts no shorter than 3 inches above the knee).
  • Our Lady of the Lake plaid jumper (K-5th grade), Our Lady of the Lake plaid skirt or skort (6-8th grade) (no shorter than 3 inches above the knee).
  • Navy blue, white or black full-length tights or leggings to the ankle under skirts or skorts are acceptable.
  • Tops: White polo shirt (long or short sleeves). Shirts must be tucked in for assemblies, prayer services and school masses.
  • Undershirts, if worn, should be white.
Free Dress Days

Free dress days are noted on the monthly calendar. Students are allowed to wear clothes that are appropriate for school. The following is a list of appropriate and inappropriate choices for Free Dress Days and all school-related events:

  • Neat, clean, properly fitting, age and event appropriate.
  • Clothes that fit comfortably without being over-large or sag fashion.
  • Slacks, pants, sweatpants, jeans, shorts, and overalls.
  • Shirts, blouses, sweaters, sweatshirts or T-shirts (see T-shirt restriction below).
  • Dresses or skirts (shorts are recommended to be worn underneath). Dresses, shorts, skirts or skorts should be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee.
  • Students should wear a shoe with a closed toe and that completely encloses the foot.
  • Rain boots or waterproof footwear are acceptable if fieldtrip location dictates.

Inappropriate: (wearing any of the following will result in disciplinary action)

  • No shirts allowed that display any tobacco, drug or alcoholic product or bear any subject matter inconsistent with our Catholic teachings or the school’s educational philosophy.
  • No tight fitting, spandex, sheer or otherwise revealing clothing, including leggings, excessively short skirts, or shorts (no shorter than 3 inches above the knee).
  • No tops or dresses that are tank tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps or thin shoulder straps. No exposed shoulders, any part of the trunk of the body, or underwear (or manner of wearing clothes that exposes underwear).
  • No clothing more than two sizes too large or too small.
  • Full length dresses or skirts are not recommended for safety reasons.
  • Any clothing or manner of wearing clothing, which is distracting, creates a safety or health issue or reflects “gang” styles is not allowed.
Pride Wear Dress Days

Let's show off our school spirit! Pride Wear dress days are noted on the monthly calendar. On Pride Wear Days, students are allowed to wear “Pride Wear” which is school-produced logo wear clothing items in lieu of uniform items. This may include shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and shorts. Students may also wear CYO sports uniforms which have the OLL logo. Students may wear a complete outfit of Pride Wear (for example – shorts, shirt and sweatshirt) or choose to wear only a single piece of Pride Wear with the remainder of the daily uniform (for example, Pride Wear sweatshirt, uniform shirt and uniform pants). Pride Wear Dress Days are not Free Dress Days. Students not wearing Pride Wear on Pride Wear Days should wear their daily school uniform. Jeans are not appropriate attire during Pride Wear days nor is green and gold clothing items. You can purchase Pride Wear at our new online OLL Spirit Store here

P.E. Clothes

Clothing appropriate to the weather, the sport being taught, or per the teacher’s instruction should be brought to school on P.E. days. If P.E. is the first period of the day, students may wear their P.E. clothes to school and bring their uniform to change into after P.E. class.

Students should wear the following to P.E. Class:
  • Generally this means tennis shoes and socks, sweatpants or shorts - basketball shorts or long soccer shorts (no yoga pants, spandex, or shorts that are shorter than 3 inches above the knee), and a T-shirt with sleeves and fully covers the trunk of the body (please adhere to the appropriate shirt guidelines under the Free Dress section above).
  • The school uniform shorts may be worn for P.E., but sport shorts are preferred
  • Uniform sweatshirts can be worn on cold days
Our P.E. teacher will provide specific requirements for grade-level expectations in a letter at the beginning of the year.

Other Grooming and Dress Code Issues

  • Hair: For both boys and girls, only natural hair colors are allowed. No unnatural colors, bleached blonde, colored gels or other applications. Boy’s hair should be no longer than their shirt collars. Any cut, color or style considered distracting by the administration is not allowed.
  • Hair Decorations: The Uniform Store sells a scrunchie and headband in Rampart Plaid. Other types of hair decorations are also allowed unless they are large or distracting in which case they are not allowed.
  • Jewelry: Religious medals and watches are allowed, but must be removed during P.E. Students may wear small hoop or post earrings, one earring per ear only. No other jewelry may be worn.
  • Makeup: No makeup is allowed. This restriction applies to all school days, school functions and tournaments.
  • Nail Polish: Only clear nail polish is allowed. No other nail colors or coverings may be worn. This restriction applies to all school days, school functions and tournaments.
  • Tattoos: No visible tattoos are allowed – temporary or permanent. This restriction applies to all school days, school functions and tournaments.