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Kindergarten Update


Advent has begun!! Every morning during Advent we gather as a school in the foyer to celebrate this season of waiting and preparing. You are always welcome to join us!

I am sending home the advent song we sing. You will notice each week has its own verse and the chorus is one your child will soon commit to memory. If you have your own advent wreath, this is a great way to tie school and home together.


Report cards will go home on Friday. Please look for the white letter addressed to parents in your child’s backpack. As always, if you have any questions or would like clarification please contact me.


Because of the huge success of our food drive the whole school will have a pajama day! Date to be announced soon! Please look for it in the Wednesday school newsletter.


Our Saint reports are finished now and I was so impressed with the presentations! Parents are to be congratulated for preparing your child so well. They were confident, and knew their saint! Thank you for making this first class presentation such a success.

During December, we begin to familiarize the children with the names of places in Israel and the three principal cities where Jesus lived when he walked on the earth. We will work on the map of Israel and label Nazareth, Bethlehem and Jerusalem. This is all in an effort to give children the understanding that Jesus was a real person. He lived in a place and walked on earth. We will continue to read scripture about Jesus' birth and read storybooks written from a wide and amazing perspectives, the donkey, a cat, shepherds, camel, and my favorite, the innkeeper. We will open the costume box next week and your children will be acting out the story of Jesus' birth.

On Thursday, December 19th Kindergarten will act out part of the Nativity story for our am advent prayer. If your child is selected to be a reader I will send home their part soon so they can practice. That night Thursday, Dec 19 is also our advent program in the church. Kindergarten will be performing. Kindergarteners are asked to be in the classroom at 6:30 - then parents can secure their seats in the church. This is a popular event.

If you have planned absences for the week prior to Christmas break or your child will not be attending the Advent program, please let me know by sending an email. 

Language Arts

In language arts we are spending time reviewing and practicing the correct formation of learned letters.  Kindergarteners will begin to spell simple consonant-vowel-consonant words individually and together as a class. The vowel is the hardest part of the word so we make sure students are very comfortable with the first vowel before we begin moving a little faster. Since we have already learned, a,b,c,g,h,l,m,s,t, we can put together a few words.

Writers Wrokshop - 

Our unit this month is persuasive writing. We are learning that we each have our own opinions and that we can write about them just like authors do! Part of our journey as writers is to use text to help guide us. Today we read Clack, Clack Moo by Doreen Cronin and wrote a class letter to Mr. Mullen just as the cows wrote a letter to Farmer Brown.



Math stations are constantly changing to reflect our newest learning objectives and gives us the practice we need to master those skills. This month and in to January we will introduce +, - signs and count sets of numbers, put them together and take them apart. We will tackle math stories, talking about scenarios in which adding, subtracting, matching and finding partners of a number occur. Hexagon, trapezoid, square and triangles are the objects we are collecting this month. We not only count them but we try to find them in our world.

The calendar work encourages students to practice using key prepositions accurately as they describe the location of the teddy bear relative to the box. "The teddy bear is under the box". At home, parents can turn everyday activities into spatial awareness activities:

  • At table, talk about things you see in a modified version of “I Spy,” e.g., the breadboard is in the kitchen, on the wall hook above the counter to the left of the microwave oven.
  • Hide an object and give your child instructions on how to find it, e.g., the tennis shoe is under the bookshelf in your bedroom.
  • Ask the child to tell you which items are closer and which are farther away, e.g., which is closer to you, the front door or the television set? Add more items to the list to make the game more of a challenge.
  • Turn your child into a “robot,” giving him directions, e.g., turn right, go up three steps, turn around, go down the stairs, and then hop up and down.
  • Play “Simon Says.”
  • Take your child to play on the jungle gym at the local playground or park.
  • Put jigsaw puzzles together.
  • Build models that come with detailed pictures describing the building process.


We are studying on our 5 senses and working on the accompanying pages in our science book. This week we smelled 6 different jars from banana to perfume and each child had to guess the smell of each.


Thank you Kindergarten VIP's

I'd like to thank all the VIP's for providing our class with delicious, nutritious snacks. Our whole class appreciates the extra effort you put forth to provide the ready to eat fruits and veggies - the kids really love them.

Upcoming events:

  • Pajama day - watch for the date
  • December 19 – K-8 advent program 7pm (children in classrooms at 6:30)
  • December 20 – Noon dismissal
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  • January 6- Back to school