Kindergarten Update


Thanks for taking the time to read the latest happenings in Kindergarten. We are in a very good rhythm here at school. Lots of learning happenning. This class is fun to teach! We are trying to stay healthy and appreciate all the stay at home precautions if your child is showing any signs of illness. We are following all the safety advice with lots of handwashing - I believe Kindergarteners are the best handwashers in the building! 




Lent will drive our focus in religion for these next 40+ days. We prepared for Ash Wednesday by burning palm branches (outside in a pail) saved from last Palm Sunday. On Ash Wednesday the children were able to appreciate the significance of the ashes and not be worried about the black smudge. On Ash Wednesday we buried our prayer card “Alleluia” as a tangible reminder that we do not say or sing ‘Alleluia’ during Lent.

While I was growing up it was customary to give-up something for Lent. I’ve never been very good at giving things up – mention the word diet and all I can think of candy and beer. After some discussion with the kiddos we talked about one way to be closer to God is to be more like Him. One way to do this is to think of others via a service learning project that has not yet been revealed to the kindergarteners. (please keep it quiet, hopefully they will tell you all about it!) Our service-learning project is the Goat Project. You will receive a letter next week both by email and with your child in their take home folder.

Language Arts

We are currently learning about a few authors and will compare and contrast their style in both writing and illustrations. Eric Carle is a beloved children's book author and he was our introduction to our Author Study. We continue with Audrey Wood and finish with Dr. Suess.


Letters that have been introduced are: a,b,c,d,f,g,h,i,k,l,m,n,p,r,s,t  and e (only letter formation)


In class, the expectation is that whenever your kindergartener is using one of our introduced letters he/she will use the correct formation including, always lower case (except at the beginning of their name), beginning at the appropriate line (hat line, belt line or boot line) as well as the correct stroke. If your child is unsure of the formation ask him/her to write it in the air (using the same hand you write with) like we practice at school. An added expectation is that they will use a two finger space between words.

If your child is writing at home you can help them practice. If your child asks you, “How do you spell…?” Please let them tell you what they hear and give support with those sounds. You will gain a much deeper understanding of your child’s progress and it is a great work out for your child. Phonics support is what they need, not the correct answer. They will not always spell walks as ‘wox’ or kids as ‘cidz’ or one of my favorite, ‘chiljin’ for children.


Red Flag words : (Red flag words are irregular words. These are words that do not follow the phonetic rule we have learned)

I, a, as, is, has, the, he
Since the introduction of our first vowel we have begun to build words. We are on to our second vowel (i) and are building more words. You will see word work come home that has been done in our workstations.


Writers Wrokshop -

Writers Workshop gives students the opportunity to practice writing skills, use letter/sound knowledge to write words and become better writers! We just finished our unit on personal narratives where each student wrote a true story with a beginning middle and end, stayed on the small moment topic, matched pictures with words and provided a reaction. Our next unit is informational writing. Kindergarteners will write about topics that they know about, providing diagrams and facts.



Counting, counting and more counting! We are practicing counting on from 5 and developing greater fluency with combinations that make 5 and combinations that make 10. We will be solving addition and subtraction story problems about zoo and forest animals. We will practice using the number line for addition and subtraction as well We continue to practice counting by ones and tens to 100 and beyond.


Our science unit on Habitats is finished with a end of unit project on the bulliten board. Students did a great job finding and writing the facts they needed for the writing project.


Thank you Kindergarten VIP's

I'd like to thank all the VIP's for providing our class with delicious, nutritious snacks. Our whole class appreciates the extra effort you put forth to provide the ready to eat fruits and veggies - the kids really love them.


Upcoming events:

  • Friday, March 13 – No School (teacher in-service)
  • Tuesday, March 17 – Free Dress Happy St. Patrick’s Day
  • Tuesday, March 24 – Field Trip to Burke Museum
  • April 13-17 – Easter Break