Kindergarten Update


I hope you all had a great Holiday. I had a wonderfully restful yet productive Christmas with my family and even though I could blissfully while away the hours at home I was so happy to see the smiling faces of Kindergarten this week. Your children bring me such joy.

Carolyn and I were delighted by your generosity as we opened our Christmas bags from the kindergarten class. We truly appreciate you thinking of us during this busy time of year.


Because we are still in the season of Christmas we are still reading stories about the birth of Jesus. Kindergarteners are making a timeline that will be finished come home soon. Today we watched the play that was part of the Christmas eve family Mass at OLL. If you haven’t seen it, I strongly encourage you to view it. We even have a few of our kindergarteners making appearances!


Language Arts
Handwriting -   Letters that have been introduced are: h,b,t,l,m,c,a,s         In class, the expectation is that whenever the kindergartener is using one of these letters (h,b,t,l,m,c,a,s) he/she will use the correct formation including, always lower case (except at the beginning of their name), beginning at the appropriate line (hat line, belt line or boot line) as well as the correct stroke. If your child is unsure of the formation ask him/her to write it in the air like we practice at school. If your child is writing at home, you can reinforce this as well. Please pay attention to the letters that have been introduced and only expect your child to write the letters correctly that we have introduced and practiced. 


Your children are getting very good at identifying the beginning sound of each word and many children can hear all the sounds. Please let them tell you what they hear and give support with those sounds. If your child asks you, “How do you spell…?” please ask them what they hear. You will gain a much deeper understanding of your child’s progress and it is a great work out for your child. Support is what they need, not the correct answer.

Writers Workshop – Our next Writers Workshop Unit is Persuasive writing. We will explore our own opinions about a variety of topics and learn from friends that it is okay to have different opinions.

Math     December calendar work encouraged students to practice using key prepositions accurately as they describe the location of the teddy bear relative to the box. "The teddy bear is under the box". In January, the same teddy bear sports a sweater and using the theme of buttons, students develop an understanding of part-whole relationships as they recognize a set of objects can be broken into smaller subsets. We explore and record combinations to 5 as well as lots of discussion and building of combinations to 10. We will work on some interval counting using a number line and learn to read inequalities using the greater than and less than symbols. Counting objects at home: up to 50 would be a great daily game especially if you can incorporate writing numerals too. I encourage you to play board games, card games and games involving dice and dominos.

Social Studies     Happy New Year! After reading Squirrel’s New Years’ Resolution we will begin to make our own resolutions.


Upcoming events:

  • Pridewear - Jan. 7
  • No School - Martin Luther King  - Jan. 18th
  • Free Dress - Jan. 21