Kindergarten Update


Thanks for taking the time to read the latest happenings in Kindergarten. 



This week we introduced the sign of the cross, our monthly prayer and the prayer table which included learning the difference between the cross and the crucifix as well as an introduction to the colors of our church. The liturgical colors will be an upcoming lesson and help us remember what liturgical season we are celebrating. 

Language Arts
Handwriting - We begin with the numerals in handwriting.  Every student will need additional practice with writing numerals accurately. I sent home an activity in the big K bag for practicing writing the numerals. I will assign it but please keep it handy and have your child practice. After numerals, we will work on a new letter almost every week. When I introduce a letter, we begin by learning how to write it.  I teach and we explore the sound of the letter by playing games, working in a phonics book and reading poetry.

Phonological Awareness (P/A)  - the P/A echo work the children do with me every morning is part of an Phonological Awareness year long curriculum. I am trying to keep it to 10 minutes each day and also experimenting with mute and unmute options so that all children can hear me but also hear the echo of other children in hopes ALL will be participating. 

This week we began our Star Student activity. This activity begins each day when we pull a name from a bag with a chant of course. The name is scrambled, and unscrambled, chanted and segmented with the help of the whole class. The child is interviewed and then we all get a chance to draw a portrait of the star student. When your child is the Star Student all drawings are added to the Star's journal in Seesaw. This drawing activity morphs into our Writers Workshop curriculum - it is a great way to introduce the idea of drawing your idea rather than what you are good at drawing. (We see lots of houses and flowers initially)



We will include our Number Corner work-out for our Zoom math time. Number Corner provides a very rich format to teach and engage students. This month we will concentrate on two-dimensional shapes (circle, square, rectangle and triangle), basic counting, combinations of 5 and patterns. Oh, and of course writing the numerals correctly!



I loved reading and listening to the responses to our first Science assignment. I know it is not a replacement for being with your children but it is so wonderful to get know them a little better through their interests!! I learned so much!!!


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