Tia Liz’s play-based classroom is a joyful place for children to learn, explore, and create.  The day is based upon a routine with structured activities that are flexible, giving the children confidence in what’s to come while still giving them the opportunity to suggest and implement change.  Each day incorporates Spanish, sign language, singing, reading, art, outside play and pre-literacy and math activities.  She also does cooking and science projects.  Each week the children will see each of three specialists: PE, music and library.  Tia Liz takes great pride in teaching the children in an upbeat, positive environment where mistakes are welcomed because they create an opportunity for learning.  She sees each child as perfectly created by God and encourages the very best aspects of them to shine. Kindness is talked about often and empathy is taught.  She also promotes independence, self confidence and positive self-talk.  Children are encouraged to explore through both independent and cooperative play which helps them gain social skills, self control and to find solutions to their problems.