PreK Mrs. Clayton

In our classroom we use various learning styles, but one of our favorites is learning through song and acting. We encourage active participation in all classroom activities, and we provide an atmosphere in which we ask students to explore, ask questions and fuel their curiosity.  We feel it is very important to foster enthusiasm in their learning as well as instill a feeling of competence. A common phrase heard throughout our room is “We can always solve a problem.” We continue to model and guide positive behavior and expose students to the skills they will need to be successful Kindergartners and beyond. By the end of the year we are able to hold a pencil with the correct 3-finger grip, write our first name, know and recognize numbers 1-10, know and recognize some letters of the alphabet (and their sounds) and have self-sufficiency skills.
Mrs. Merry Kay Clayton
I have been teaching for over 30 years and I love living in the social emotional world of PreK. I have a passion for singing and rhyming all the time, taking inspiration from Theodor “Dr. Seuss” Geisel. I also enjoy helping out with the middle school Spring Musical, preparing students for a liturgy, catching a Mariner’s game or Skyping with my son, his wife and three amazing grandchildren.