Cub Scouts

Come! Be A Part Of The Pack. Follow The Trail.
Cub Scout Promise


I ________ promise to do my best
To do my duty to God and my country,
To help other people, and
To obey the Law of the Pack.
Pack Leader


Inger Frauenheim
Contact: [email protected]
Bobcat 1st through
5th Grades
kids in Cub Scouting work on advancement with their families. No matter what age or grade a child joins Cub Scouting, they must earn their Bobcat badge before thye can advance to Tiger Cub, Wolf, Bear or Webelos Scout. The “trail” to Bobcat has eight “tracks”, including learning the Cub Scout Promise, handshake, salute and motto.
Tiger Cub Scout 1st Grade
Age 7
The Scout must complete five achievements on the Tiger Cub trail in order to earn the Tiger Cub badge. Each achievement has three activities: one to be completed with the family, one with the den, and a “Go See It!” activity, or field trip. Once a child has earned his Tiger Cub badge, they can complete various electives to earn Tiger Track beads. The Tiger Cub program provides opportunities for the Scout to learn and grow while having fun along with you.
Wolf Cub Scout 2nd Grade
Age 8
The trail to the rank of Wolf Cub Scout is more challenging with 12 achievements, each with multiple tracks. Achievements include more physical activity in “Feats of Skill”, learning about safety in “Know Your Home and Community” and reacting to various situations in “Making Choices.” After earning the Wolf badge, Scouts complete various electives to earn gold and silver arrow points to proudly wear on their uniform shirt. At the Wolf rank, Scouts may also participate in the Cub Scout Academics and Sports program to earn special recognition belt loops and pins, just by learning about and participating in an academic subject or sport.
Bear Cub Scout 3rd Grade
Age 9
To earn the rank of Bear Cub Scout, the Scout must compete 12 achievements from a list of 24. The Bear trail achievements are in four categories: God, Country, Family and Self. Achievements include: “Ways We Worship,” “Take Care of Your Planet,” “Family Fun,” and “Be a Leader”. Bear Cub Scouts also have the opportunity to earn arrow points and participate in the Cub Scout Academics and Sports program.
Webelos I Scout 4th Grade
Age 10
Webelos (from “WE’ll BE LOyal Scouts,” pronounced WEE-buh-lows) is a transitional program that shifts the emphasis from the home-centered activities of Tiger Cub and Wolf and Bear Scouts to more group-centered activities.

This stage prepares the Scout for participation in the great adventure of Scouting by providing kids with a variety of new experiences to help them assume responsibilities and gain maturity, knowledge and skills.

Advancement and recognition are based on earning the Webelos badge and activity badges. After the Webelos badge, the Scout can continue working toward the Arrow of Light Award, Cub Scouting’s highest award.
Webelos II Scout 5th Grade
Age 11