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Our Spanish program was established at OLL in 2019 to provide our students with the skills and perspectives to become global citizens of the world.  We aim to teach not only the rich and vibrant Spanish language but also an awareness of Spanish-speaking cultures throughout the world.
Spanish classes for all OLL students are focused on comprehension and culture using songs, stories and games that build students' Spanish skills in an organic way.
Kindergarten-5th Grade start the year with an interactive curriculum by Elisabeth Alvarado and learn the Latin American children's song "Los pollitos dicen".  Check more on Elisabeth's website,  She gives great tips for reinforcing Spanish language learning at home for interested families.

6th-8th Grade start the year using the SOMOS curriculum, which has a complementary language learning app called Garbanzo to make Spanish learning seamless as we transition from distance to in-person learning.  The following websites have more information: and

Maestra Amanda Daniels 
"I attended St. Olaf College and majored in Social Work with a concentration in Women's Studies. During college, I spent one semester studying in Mexico where I was first immersed in Spanish.
I am really excited about developing the Spanish language program to focus on conversation and cultural awareness, so students leave OLL with basic communication skills and feel excited about continuing to study Spanish in high school and beyond."