Middle School Guidelines

Class Description: Physical Education like all subject areas shares in the responsibility of developing positive intellectual, emotional, and social skills in students. Physical Education is unique in that it has the opportunity to teach about differences among people, healthy competition, teamwork and sportsmanship.

The following are behaviors necessary for success in PE class and will form the basis of your grade each Trimester:

  • Follow directions and class rules
  • Dress in PE clothes
  • Participate to the best of your ability 100% of class time
  • Exhibit sportsmanship at all times
  • Show respect for yourself and others

Daily grading for participation: ( see rubric below) 

3 = following all of the above listed

2 = following 4 or more of the above

1 = following 3 or less of the above

0 = removal or suspension from class

Students who are absent or excused due to injury will be deducted one point for each class they miss.

If they will be out of class for more than 3 days in one trimester extra credit work can be done to earn points back.  Students will receive one free pass each trimester that they can use for either a day in which they are absent or a day in which they forget their PE clothes.

Overall Grading Criteria will be as follows:

              Participation:  70%  

              Quizzes: 20%

              Work sheets 10%             

PE Dress Code:

  • Sweatpants or shorts similar to basketball shorts or long soccer shorts ( no yoga pants, spandex or shorts that are shorter than 3 inches above the knee) 
  • T-shirts with sleeves(must be in compliance with free dress code)
  • Tennis shoes with laces or velcro (no slip on) and socks
  • Uniform sweatshirts can be worn on colder days


6th Grade: Monday and Wednesday 9:05:9:50
8th Grade: Monday and Wednesday 10:05 -10:50 
7th Grade: Monday and Wednesday 11:00-11:45


PE Daily Participation Rubric

3 = Individual participation enhances the learning of others by:
  1. Being totally involved in the activity /group
  2. Following directions consistently
  3. Voluntarily helping teacher and/or other students
  4. Showing exemplary sportsmanship and respect for self and others consistently
  5. Dressed in correct PE clothes

2= Individual participation allows for learning and does not interfere with others by:

  1. Being on task/working with group most of the time
  2. Following directions most of the time
  3. Being willing to help teacher and/or other students when asked
  4. Showing good sportsmanship and respect for self and others most of the time
  5. Failing to dress down for PE class

1 = Individual participation interferes with learning part of the time by:

  1. Being on task/working with group rarely
  2. Following directions some of the time
  3. Helping teacher and/or other students after being asked repeatedly
  4. Showing sportsmanship rarely and  little respect for self and others
  5. Being asked to take a time out for any amount of time

0 = Individual chooses not to participate by:

  1. Refusing to be involved in the activity
  2. Refusing to follow directions
  3. Refusing to help
  4. Not showing good sportsmanship
  5. Showing no respect for self and others
  6. Being removed from class