“As a parent, it is great to be involved and help make changes when needed, to be involved in the whole process.”
Bill Crossland, parent/alum

Volunteer Introduction

Family volunteers are one of Our Lady of the Lake’s most valuable resources. Our children learn through our example, and recognize that we are part of a greater educational, religious and social community. Each year, we demonstrate our commitment to this idea through our service to the school and parish. The stronger our community, the more benefits our children receive. 

The opportunities for volunteering at OLL are vast and varied. We have over 70 different groups and activities that you can choose to help with. Children love seeing and knowing that their parents and families are doing something special at school. We thank you for completing this commitment that helps to make the Our Lady of the Lake School and Parish community so special.

Parent Expectations:

OLL school families are required (per the family registration) to give a total of 36 hours of service to the school and / or parish.  For families who chose not to support the school in this way, unmet hours will be billed at a rate of $20 per hour.

Volunteer Form