“I like that OLL is our parish school. We can walk to both class and church, and it provides the targeted support our children need.”
Dianna Britz, parent


As members of a 21st century learning community, OLL School sees technology as a valuable instructional, assessment and learning tool for students and teachers. Creating ‘digital citizens’ who use technology to demonstrate understanding and to create knowledge are necessary requirements of our students if they are to make a meaningful contribution to our world. Of course, like any tool, students are taught to use technology ethically and responsibly for the betterment of themselves and others.

OLL School strives to stay current with instructional technology. The school has interactive whiteboards for the 3rd through 8th grades and the library, and ChromeBooks, Apple laptops and iPads available for classes to use. The school has wireless connectivity throughout and will be embarking on a five- year technology plan to respond to the growing demands of technology in our schools. Thanks in large part to the support our parent community, the school is able offer a wide range of technology tools for our students and teachers.