“Although we don't live in the neighborhood and aren’t Catholic, we love it at OLL – all our expectations have been exceeded!”
Bob Millard, parent

Student Government

The purpose of Student Government is to:
  • Promote leadership and to encourage good citizenship throughout the school.
  • To create a bond of unity, school spirit, and pride among students.
  • To promote more understanding between students and teachers, and to encourage greater cooperation among all members of the school.
  • To plan events and projects that promotes the welfare of the school.
  • To make students more aware of the world beyond the school and to respond to the needs of the world around them.
  • To give students experience in student government and in wise decision-making.
Students in grades K through 8 are active members of the Student Body.  They are represented through the Student Council.  The Student Council is composed of Student Body Officers and Class Representatives from all grades.  Representatives of organizations sponsored by the school are also voting members of the Student Council.  The process for participation in Student Government is outlined by the teacher moderator and principal.

Student Council earns money each year by selling popcorn at lunches to the student body.  The Student Council organizes and conducts a Costume Contest each Halloween.  The Student Council has also raised money for global causes.  Examples include Haiti Earthquake Relief and Japanese Tsunami Relief.

For more information about Student Government, please contact Michelle Christensen at .