“Although we don't live in the neighborhood and aren’t Catholic, we love it at OLL – all our expectations have been exceeded!”
Bob Millard, parent


CYO Athletic Director at OLL: Jennifer Kush at 

Soccer Coordinator: Doug Simon at

Program Description: Soccer is open to boys and girls in Kindergarten through 8th grades each fall. The goal of the soccer program is to assist every player in developing his or her skills in a way that boosts self confidence and instills an appreciation for teamwork and respect toward others. Working to improve skills while putting forth the best effort -- regardless of outcome -- is our overriding philosophy. Watch for announcements in the weekly newsletter and on OLL's website.

Registration Deadline: 2nd week of June

Registration Form: Registration available at Sports Pilot

Registration Fee: Kindergarten $20, 1st-2nd Grade $45, 3rd-8th grade $60 (All will incur a $20 late fee for registrations after June 13, 2014.)

League Game Dates: Check out this season's schedules here!

Practices and games
: The regular season begins in early September and runs through October. Teams will practice, depending on the grade level, once or twice per week and will play one game per week on Saturdays. Practice times and locations are not available until the last week in August. Games schedules do not come out of the CYO office until the week before the first games begin. Games are scheduled against teams in the entire Archdiocese of Seattle and field locations are throughout the entire greater Seattle area.

Playing time: In Kindergarten through 3rd grade, playing time must be equally distributed among all the players in every game. In the 4th and 5th grade, each player suited up must play a minimum of 10 minutes per half. In the 6th through 8th grade, players who have attended practice and committed to the team will play a minimum of 10 minutes per half. At this age level if your child cannot attend any practices he or she should not expect to play in the games.

Uniforms: All players in Kindergarten through 8th grade will receive an OLL shirt, which will be supplied by the school. Parents are to supply soccer shorts, shin guards, soccer socks and soccer cleats. All OLL uniforms need to be returned in good condition and clean (laundered) at the end of the season or there will be a fee.

Field sizes: Students in Kindergarten through 2nd grader play co-ed teams on a micro-field (30 yards long x 20 yards wide); 3rd graders play on a mini-field (60 yards long x 30 yards); 4th graders play on a modified soccer field (80 yards long x 45 yards wide); and 5th through 8th graders play on a full field (100 yards x 60 yards).

Players on the field: Kindergarten through 1st grade: 4 per side; 2nd grade: 5 per side; 3rd grade: 6 per side; 4th grade: 9 per side; 5th through 8th: 11 per side

Field locations: The following websites offer addresses and directions for many of the fields which OLL teams play on through the season:

Game clock: Kindergarten through 3rd grade: Four 10-minute quarters and 1 minute between quarters; 4th through 7th grade: 30-minute halves and a 5-minute intermission; 8th grade: 35-minute halves and a 5-minute intermission.

Playing your proper role at each game: Players play. Coaches coach. Referees referee. Parents cheer.