“OLL was recommended to us based on our child’s needs. We love OLL, and it’s very welcoming of all families, both Catholic and non-Catholic.”
Ron Whitener, parent

Back To School Supply List

Here is a printable supply list of required for Preschool through 8rd Grade and the middle school binder choices list for the upcoming 2018-2019 School Year.  While you can purchase your supplies anywhere, if you buy some or all of them at Office Depot please use ID# 70107354 at checkout.  OLL will earn points for free supplies for teachers and the school office.

Laptops/Chromebooks - Grades 4 -8
As we plan for the next school year, we want our parents to consider purchasing a Chromebook for their child to use during the school day.  If you already have another device, no need to purchase another one. Given the amount of time that students and teachers spend engaged in instructional activities on these machines, it seems worthwhile to ask parents to purchase one for their child.   If you are interested in this, we suggest this model:

Preferred Chromebook to order click here