“As a parent, it is great to be involved and help make changes when needed, to be involved in the whole process.”
Bill Crossland, parent/alum

Room Parents

Room Parents are volunteers who facilitate communication between teachers and parents throughout the school year. This allows teachers to focus their attention on students and provides an opportunity for parents to learn about volunteer opportunities in the classroom.

Teachers meet with the Room Parents at the beginning of the school year to identify volunteer jobs for parents. Then the Room Parents, along with assistance from the Room Parent Coordinator, communicate the opportunities throughout the school and parish community.

Room Parent Coordinator
The Room Parent Coordinator is a volunteer who works with the principal to recruit, train, and help coordinate room parent duties for grades Preschool-8th. They update and assign class duties: coffee hour assignment, teacher treat assignments, staff birthday list, etc. As well as update room parent orientation documents annually.  They hold a short room parent orientation meeting before school starts and send a monthly reminders to room parents about the above assignments. They also facilitate communication between school and class parents through the room parent network as needed by principal. Click here for a Month By Month Guide to the Room Parent Coordinators duties.

2014-2015 Room Parents

Grade Room Parent Email
Preschool Heidi Bruch
Pre-Kindergarten (Jensen) Jaycee Barrett

Pre-Kindergarten (Jensen)
Heather Sorrenson
Pre-Kindergarten (Clayton) Kate Bennett
Kindergarten Gloria Clair
Jessica Feeney
1st Grade Joby Welch
Josie Gahan
2nd Grade Amy Foley
Maria Elieff
3rd Grade Lori Wilwerding
Joby Welch
4th Grade Katie Koziowski
5th Grade Angie Anderson
Terrie Deidesheimer "tdeidesheimer@gmail.com"encode
6th Grade Deven McCoy "devbmccoy@gmail.com"encode
Caroline McLaughlin "carolineaveril@yahoo.com"encode
7th Grade Lisa tracey
8th Grade Kim Gailbraith "kimjoannehenry@yahoo.com"encode
Room Parent Coordinator