“As a parent, it is great to be involved and help make changes when needed, to be involved in the whole process.”
Bill Crossland, parent/alum


Our Lady of the Lake Parish School believes that the successful education of children requires an active and ongoing partnership between the school and family. We believe that it is the primary role of parents to teach their children. A successful school is made possible by the time, talent and treasure of its parents.

In order to support the overall education and formation of children, OLL School offers parents a variety of opportunities to get involved in the life of the school. These opportunities may occur during the school day as a classroom helper, supporting a project like the annual auction, or assisting with parish sponsored events like religious education classes.

All families are expected to give 36 hours of service (average of one hour per week) to the school during the year.

All adults whose volunteer work is with children are required to have a background check and attend a Called to Protect for Ministries Class. Successful completion of both is necessary for ongoing volunteer work with children.