“I like that OLL is our parish school. We can walk to both class and church, and it provides the targeted support our children need.”
Dianna Britz, parent


The mission of OLL Parish School is to uphold the tradition of excellence in Catholic Education by forming minds of children through exemplary academic preparation, developing spirits immersed in the Catholic faith and nurturing hearts through service and prayer.

We teach the whole child and enjoy getting to know him/her as learners, individuals and members of a community.


Together with the parents, we will build on the individual talents and needs of each child.

We believe that the formal education at Our Lady of the Lake Parish School:

  • Offers a strong basic education
  • Promotes lifetime learning
  • Is value-based in Catholic beliefs
  • Provides the atmosphere that fosters individual potential, self-sufficiency, and self-esteem
  • Provides the atmosphere that fosters the development of social interaction skills.

The OLL School concluded a self study from August 2011 to the Spring of 2013 that examined our school's academic, spirtual and financial progress.  The self study outlines the needs of the school as outlined in our school action plan found in Chapter 4.

OLL Preschool/PreK Brochure
OLL Kindergarten - 8th Grade Brochure