“I like that OLL is our parish school. We can walk to both class and church, and it provides the targeted support our children need.”
Dianna Britz, parent


Our Lady of the Lake Parish School has provided quality Catholic education in Northeast Seattle for over 60 years. On June 12, 1949, His Excellency, the Most Reverend Thomas A. Connolly, dedicated the first school at OLL.  By 1956 the six classrooms and auditorium were no longer adequate for the student population, so in 1957 an addition was built that included nine more classrooms.

The Tacoma Dominicans staffed the school into the 1970’s. In the 1970s, however, as they retired or moved on to other ministries, lay faculty replaced them. During this time, a change in demographics caused a decrease in student population throughout Seattle and OLL went from two classes per grade to one.

A Kindergarten class was added to the school in the mid-1970’s, and in 2003 a Pre-Kindergarten class was added. To respond to the growth of the parish, a Preschool class and a second Pre-Kindergarten class was added in 2006.