“OLL's many multi-generational families and cherished traditions help sustain its community-oriented culture.”
Caryn Jorgensen, parent/alum

Gym/Event Center Project Overview

OLL hopes to build a “Gym/Event Center” which will better serve the growing needs of both the Our Lady of the Lake parish and school. The hope is to offer a facility with a renovated kitchen, better lighting and sound system, additional restrooms, and a place where CYO athletic games can at last be played. Overall, it offers a place with greater versatility as well as aesthetic and appealing aspects which reflect the growth happening within the OLL parish and school. 

Top 10 Benefits of our New Facility
  1. Modern Gym & Event Center will serve our entire parish and school community
  2. Amazing new stage and performance area
  3. Rainy day play area
  4. More room for auction & other community gatherings
  5. Modern kitchen area and facilities
  6. Additional restrooms
  7. CYO-compliant structure will allow OLL to truly be the “home” team
  8. Centralized eating area for kids
  9. Increased Phys Ed options and safety for kids
  10. Enhanced parking and traffic flow

Larger graphics can be viewed by clicking on the links below.
  • This is an elevation drawing of the new Gym/Event Center, with a view you will see from the sidewalk along NE 89th Street as you walk from Jubilee Hall toward the school, just as you pass the Parish Rectory.

  • This is the view you willl see if you are standing on NE 89th St near the lower playground parking lot, looking Northwest towards the new Gym/Event Center.

  • This is a look inside the new gym.

  • This is the proposed floorplan of the new Gym/Event Center.  (Yellow = current school.  Pink = current stage.  Blue = northern half of current gym.  Dotted line = the southern half of our current gym, which would be demolished.  Light Blue = current kitchen location.  Everything else is new construction.)