“I like that OLL is our parish school. We can walk to both class and church, and it provides the targeted support our children need.”
Dianna Britz, parent

Faculty Directory

All phone numbers are 206.525.9980, then dial the extension for a specific faculty member.



Caroline McLaughlin

Catherine Schultze

Ext. 253

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Merry Kay Clayton

Jennifer Kush

Ext. 221

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Marisol Joynt

Carolyn Breysse

Ext. 221

Class Web Page


Julie Baricevic

Kelly Pishaw

Ext. 234

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1st Grade

Sue Pain

Barb McGrath

Emer Sexton

Ext. 236

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2nd Grade

Nikki Jensen

Jacob Tice

Ext. 235

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3rd Grade

Carol Marshall

Ext. 240

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4th Grade

Margaret Portelance

Ext. 241

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5th Grade

Nick Meaux

Ext. 242

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6th Grade Homeroom

Erica Pierson

Ext. 245

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7th Grade Homeroom

Stephanie Hawk

Ext. 218

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8th Grade Homeroom

Gail Kerr Schalk

Ext. 244

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Reading Specialists

Bonnie Meyer

Jan Gill

Ext. 237

Ext. 255


Math Specialist (7 - 8)

Katy Mahoney Boone



Science (3 - 8)

Rachel O'Hanlon

Ext. 238


Art (K - 8)

Susan Ozubko

Ext. 239


Music (PS - 4)

Heidi Vanderford

Ext. 255

Band (5)
Advanced Band (6 - 8)

Cathrine Stadulis

Physical Education (P.E.)

Michelle Christensen

Ext. 212

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Deb Werner

Ext. 224

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