“OLL's challenging and hands-on science program more than prepared my daughter for the rigor of high school science.”

Heidi Kiersky, parent

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Teacher: Marisol Joynt
Teacher's Aide: Carolyn Breysse
Room Parents: Christie Goforth

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Teacher's Comment
Parent Reminders

I want to thank all of you for your participation in the parent teacher conferences.  The process allows me to analyze the dynamics of the classroom and each individual child.  Discussing your child with you is extremely helpful and valuable to me. I learn so much from our conversation and helps me to better understand your child.  The rest of the year we will focus on the business of working together on goals and continued love of learning!  Many of those goals will be to get the children ready for kindergarten so that they have a smooth transition come September.

Our themes for November are centered on Our Healthy Bodies, Food and Nutrition and Thanksgiving.

We have discussed the many ways to keep our bodies healthy.  We learned our body parts and what some of our organs are. One of our pre-k'ers was kind enough to pose as our body model so we could label body parts.  We added inside parts too like esophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestine.  The children were amazed that the small intestine was 20 ft. long...about 15 pre-k'ers standing side by side.

Food and nutrition is something that comes up in our discussions during lunch quite often and more so now that we are learning about what foods are protein, foods that make our bodies grow and foods that are treats that are delicious but may not necessarily help our bodies.  As part of our imaginery play we have our Cafe Corner where the children can pretend to be a chef, a waiter, and a customer ordering food.  It's currently a popular work to do!

We briefly touched on the first Thanksgiving feast with the Pilgrims and the Native Americans.  We will have our own Thanksgiving Feast on Tuesday, Nov. 21st.  Please look at the sign up genius from Mrs. Breysse and Miss Jennifer to see what you may contribute to our pre-k feast.  It will be festive but not a party atmosphere.  We will be Pilgrims and Native Americans dining together.

Thank you all for participating in our food drive.  As of this morning, we still needed 149 cans of food to hit our goal.  We are crossing our fingers that we made it.  Our goal was 2,000 cans to get pajama day but our ultimate goal is 3,000 cans to dump something on Mr. McGovern.  We made pajama day and have extended the deadline to bring in food to Tuesday, Nov. 21st.

Odds and Ends
- As the weather gets cooler, please remember to pack a jacket for your child.
- Tennis shoes need to be worn, or packed in backpacks on Wednesdays for P.E. 
- Scholastic book orders are due December 4th
- Please check your child's file (outside the classroom door) daily.

Center Volunteers:
November 14th - Beth I.

Upcoming Events
November 21 - Thanksgiving Mass and Thanksgiving feast
November 22 - 24 -  No School
December 2 - First Sunday of Advent

November 17 - Sydney
November 20 - Evan
November 29 - Hudson S
December 6 - Noah
December 14 - Kate

6th - Ellia
13th - Eli
4th - Carlin
11th - Emma

Helpful Documents & Link

The link to Safe Environment https://www.virtusonline.org/virtus/


God is great and God is good.
So let us thank God for our food.

God is great and God is good.
So let us thank God for our food.
(Sung to The Flinstons' tune)

Thank you God for loving me.
Thank you for my family.
Help me to learn more each day.
To be kind at work and play.

Our hands we fold.
Our heads we bow.
For food and drink,
We thank you now.

Thank you God for the food that we eat.
Thank you God for the friends that we meet.
For the food that we eat.
For the friends that we meet
(Sung to the tune of the Superman Theme)

We thank you Lord for giving.
The things we need for living.
So bless us while we're eating.
The Laker Family.
Da-da-da-da.  snap snap
Da-da-da-da.  snap snap 
Da-da-da-da.  Da-da-da-da.
Da-da-da-da.   Aman!(sung to the tune of the Addam's Family)

Thank you for the world so sweet,
thank you for the food we eat,
thank you for the birds that sing.
Thank you God for everything.

God our Father, God our Father
Thanks for Food, Thanks for Food
And our many blessings
And our many blessings
A-AH-Men, A-Ah-Men
(Sung to Frere Jacques)

Oh, the Lord is good to me,
and so I thank the Lord,
for giving me the things I need like the
sun and the rain and the apple seed.
The Lord is good to me.
Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen, amen. AMEN!!

Come Lord, Jesus
Be our guest,
Let this food to us be blessed.

(Prayer Leaders Choice)

Class Schedule
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Times Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:30 - 10:00
(Gym 9:10-9:35)
(Library 9:20-9:50)

Centers (Music and Movement 9:45-10:10)
10:00 - 10:30
10:30 - 10:45
Bathroom Bathroom Bathroom


Show and Tell/Group Rug (Tuesday, 11:10-11:30 Second Step) 
Free Play
Free Play
Free Play
Free Play
Free Play
Clean-Up & Goodbye
Clean-Up & Goodbye
Clean-Up & Goodbye
Clean-Up & Goodbye
Clean-Up & Goodbye
Children dismissed
Children dismissed
Children dismissed
Children dismissed
Children dismissed
12:30 - 3:00 Optional: Kids Club