“OLL's challenging and hands-on science program more than prepared my daughter for the rigor of high school science.”

Heidi Kiersky, parent

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Teacher: Marisol Joynt
Teacher's Aide: Anna Spong
Room Parent: Jodie Anderson
Room Parent: Meagan Hanni

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Teacher's Comment/
Parent Reminders


October has been full of community helpers, farm and farm animals.  We began the month with community helpers which lead to the topic of what Moms and Dads do at work?  We got some delightful and varied answers. We appreciate their honest view of their world and your good humor.

Our field trip to the Fairbanks Pumpkin and Animal Farm was a grand success.  Our visit included touring the garden and the menagerie of farm animals. The highlights were feeding the pigs apple slices and seeing their newborn piglets, petting the pigmy goats and choosing our own sugar pumpkin. A special thanks to Katy, Jodi, Lindsey and Matt for driving to the pumpkin farm.

The next day at school, we washed, rinsed and dried our pumpkins.  We then weighed each pumpkin and sorted them by small (<1.5 lbs.), medium (1.5 lbs. > and < 3.0 lbs.), large (> 3.0 lbs.)  We had more math and science when we made our own butter and hypothesized about how many pumpkin seeds there might be in our large pounding pumpkin.  We were all surprised as we counted 573 seeds.

Week of October 21

We will dive into Halloween by making some fun and spooky bats, jack-o-lanterns and ghosts.

Week of October 28

We will wrap up this holiday with a party to show off our costumes.  All PreK’ers are invited even if it is not the regular day they attend school.

Parent/Teacher conference begin on Wednesday, October 31st.  PreK students are not included in our conference time. Formal conferences are held once a year during this time.  Of course, you are welcome to schedule a conference with Marisol at any time during the year if you have questions or concerns.


Odds and Ends

- Please remember to pack a jacket for your child we are experiencing some cool weather.
- Tennis shoes need to be worn, or packed in backpacks on Wednesdays for P.E. 
- Please check your child's file folder (outside the classroom door) daily.

Center Volunteers:

Upcoming Events

  • Halloween Party - October 30
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences - October 31-November 2  No School
  • Storybook Theater November 8
  • Veterans Day - November 12  No Scool

  • Valerie - October 6
  • Franco - November 7
  • Katherine - November 12
  • Charlie - November 13
  • Nell - November 28

  • Valerie - Week of October 15
  • Lily - Week of October 22
  • Charlie - Week of November 5
  • Franco - Week of November 26

Helpful Documents & Link

The link to Safe Environment https://www.virtusonline.org/virtus/


God is great and God is good.
So let us thank God for our food.

God is great and God is good.
So let us thank God for our food.
(Sung to The Flinstons' tune)

Thank you God for loving me.
Thank you for my family.
Help me to learn more each day.
To be kind at work and play.

Our hands we fold.
Our heads we bow.
For food and drink,
We thank you now.

Thank you God for the food that we eat.
Thank you God for the friends that we meet.
For the food that we eat.
For the friends that we meet
(Sung to the tune of the Superman Theme)

We thank you Lord for giving.
The things we need for living.
So bless us while we're eating.
The Laker Family.
Da-da-da-da.  snap snap
Da-da-da-da.  snap snap 
Da-da-da-da.  Da-da-da-da.
Da-da-da-da.   Aman!(sung to the tune of the Addam's Family)

Thank you for the world so sweet,
thank you for the food we eat,
thank you for the birds that sing.
Thank you God for everything.

God our Father, God our Father
Thanks for Food, Thanks for Food
And our many blessings
And our many blessings
A-AH-Men, A-Ah-Men
(Sung to Frere Jacques)

Oh, the Lord is good to me,
and so I thank the Lord,
for giving me the things I need like the
sun and the rain and the apple seed.
The Lord is good to me.
Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen, amen. AMEN!!

Come Lord, Jesus
Be our guest,
Let this food to us be blessed.

(Prayer Leaders Choice)

Class Schedule
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Times Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:30 - 10:00
(Gym 9:10-9:35)
(Library 9:20-9:50)

Centers (Music and Movement 9:45-10:10)
10:00 - 10:30
10:30 - 10:45
Bathroom Bathroom Bathroom


Show and Tell/Group Rug (Tuesday, 11:10-11:30 Second Step) 
Free Play
Free Play
Free Play
Free Play
Free Play
Clean-Up & Goodbye
Clean-Up & Goodbye
Clean-Up & Goodbye
Clean-Up & Goodbye
Clean-Up & Goodbye
Children dismissed
Children dismissed
Children dismissed
Children dismissed
Children dismissed
12:30 - 3:00 Optional: Kids Club