“OLL's challenging and hands-on science program more than prepared my daughter for the rigor of high school science.”

Heidi Kiersky, parent

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Teacher Merry Kay Clayton
Teacher's Aide: Jennifer Kush
Room Parent:
Jennifer Bugbee and Jessica Feeney

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Teacher's Comments
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Pre-K News

November Themes are......

November 2 - 6: Healthy Bodies We are beginning to look at what makes a human body, and keeps it healthy.  We begin with tracing two of our very own classmates and then labeling the different body parts inside and out.

November 9 - 13:
Healthy Bodies and Food and Nutrition We will continue looking at the body, with an added focus on what goes into it.  We will look at the food pyramid.  We will even get to have a guest teacher come in and teach us about Nutrition!!

November 16 - 20:
Thanksgiving Our focus changes to learning and preparing for Thanksgiving!  We have the joy of making Albuquerque Turkeys with the leaders of the school (8th graders).  Using the knowledge we know have from our previous weeks, we will be ready for a healthy and fun Thanksgiving Feast next week!

November 23 - 27:
Thanksgiving Continued This is a short week!  With only two days of school we have so much to do.  On Tuesday we will celebrate with the class across the hall with our very own Thanksgiving Feast!!  This is a special day for all of us as we sit around the table and share a meal with friends.

Parent Reminders
-- Food Drive Bags due soon!

Important Dates
-- Wednesday, November 11 ~ No School Veteran's Day
-- Wednesday, Novemer 25 - 27 ~ No School Thanksgiving Break

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- Pre-K Prayers

God is great and God is good.
So let us thank God for our food.

God is great and God is good.
So let us thank God for our food.
(Sung to The Flinstons' tune)

Thank you God for loving me.
Thank you for my family.
Help me to learn more each day.
To be kind at work and play.

Our hands we fold.
Our heads we bow.
For food and drink,
We thank you now.

Thank you God for the food that we eat.
Thank you God for the friends that we meet.
For the food that we eat.
For the friends that we meet
(Sung to the tune of the Superman Theme)

We thank you Lord for giving.
The things we need for living.
So bless us while we're eating.
The Laker Family.
Da-da-da-da.  snap snap
Da-da-da-da.  snap snap 
Da-da-da-da.  Da-da-da-da.
Da-da-da-da.   Aman!(sung to the tune of the Addam's Family)

Class Schedule
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Times Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:30 - 9:55 Centers





10:00 - 10:30 Recess                 (Thursday and Friday recess 10:15 - 10:45)
10:30- 10:40 Bathroom
10:40 - 11:30 Group Time
Group Time Group Time Group Time

Group Time
Reading Buddies

Second Step

11:30 - 12:20 Lunch &
Free Play
Lunch &
Free Play
Lunch &
Free Play
Lunch &
Free Play
Lunch &
Free Play
12:20 - 12:30 Goodbye
Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye
12:30 - 3:00 Optional: Kids Club