“OLL's many multi-generational families and cherished traditions help sustain its community-oriented culture.”
Caryn Jorgensen, parent/alum

Thank You To Our Supporters

Thank you to the following families who have already pledged to the Capital Campaign

Daniel & Teresa Abrahamson
Michael Armijo
Margaret Armijo
Steven Abramowicz & Kara Whelan
Mitchell Balzer & Melissa Payo
Theo Bammler & Kristen Schuler
Andrew & Betsy Barash
Tom Barbano & Terrie Deidesheimer
Bob Bianchetto & Cathy Tanaka
Gene & Theresa Blahato
Tony & Evie Bozzuti
Kerrick & Dianna Britz
Thomas Brogan & Marisa D’Angel
Steve & Patsy Brown
Ben Brynildsen & Melinda Marks
Brett & Heidi Bundy
Guadalupe Cavazos
Francisco & Rita Chavez
Kieran Clair & Gloria Arteaga
David and Patricia Cleary
Bill Clumpner & Ann Evans
Sean Cockbain & Lora Knight
Kevin & Trea Coleman
Jean-Yves Courbois & Hilary Geisheker
Bill & Shari Crossland
Stephen Dart & Lisa Bauer
Larry & Ann Doll
Jamie & Erin Donohoe
Joe & Alison Donsky
Anthony & Monica Duenas
Mary Eagan
Brandon & Maria Elieff
Steve & Jennifer Ernst
Robert & Amy Felton
Jim & Michele Flinn
Patrick & Amy Foley
Jon & Theresa Ford
Jerel & Inger Frauenheim
Tomas & Josie Gahan
Andy & Meredith Galloway
Brian & Alice Gannon-McKinley
Bruce & Amber Gillespie
Terry Glick
Christian & Julie Gunter
Mike & Kim Harmon
David Hennes & Leigh Anderson
Kent & Terry Hickey
Bob & Jennifer Hilt
Jeff Homchick
Brenda Huber
Charles Huber
Scott Huston
John Jaques & Emily Cauguiran
Ben & Darcy Iwen
Craig & Liz Jackman
Brian & Monica Johnson
Brian & Caryn Jorgensen
Steve & Christina Kealy
Eric & Heidi Kiersky
Doug & Kim Killgore
Stephen King & Martha Dimmers
Karen Klepper

Tom & Shannon Kowski
Katie Kozlowski
Anton & Anne Kramer
Jeneil Lagasse & Shelley Engelhardt
Charles LaPorte & Colette Moore
Jon & Maria LaPorte
Scott & Suzanne Leach
Mark & Julie Leffingwell
Steve & Kristi Leland
Roger Low & Kristi Larson-Low
Kevin & Rachel MacDougall
David & Laura Matter
Todd & Katherine Mason
Joshua McBee & Mary Fleming
Kevin & Claudia McCleskey
Kraig & Deven McCoy
Vince & Jenny McGovern
Kevin & Caroline McLaughlin
Janssen & Diane Merced
Juan & Catherine Millan
Bob & Malia Millard
Jim Molloy & Pam Spaletta
Frank & Margarita Morrow
Daniel & Olivia Mullen
Kevin & Sorelys Mullins
Andrew & Theresa Naluai-Cecchini
Johnny & Hale Nansen
Marian & Jolanta Olech
Steve Osmek & Darlene DeGhetto
Darrell Owens & Ethan Nguyen
Robert & Holly Palmer
Brian & Leanne Pardo
Willard & Kristine Pottle
Kevin & Marieke Rack
Landon & Amie Recker
Robert & Laura Rexford
Stanley & Claudia Ross
Kurt Round & Jeannine McCune
Connie Sais & Roberta Mills
Chris & Shelli Sams
Zach & Azurina Schalk
Mike & Gjeryl Sharp
Jason Mattingly & Sara Shiflet
Eileen Shiley
Douglas & Pilar Simon
Philip & Marianna Smith
John & Patty Stockamp
Aaron & Caitlin Stolpman
Robert Swan & Elizabeth Wako
Bret Taylor & Deborah Hill
Guy Tobin
Michael Tu & Miwa Kudo
Ellen Walker-Tobin
Bill & Melissa Walsh
Patrick & Joby Welch (Wade)
John & Angela Wheat
Ron Whitener & Angie Anderson
Geoff & Lori Wilwerding
Terry & Lori Winkelhake
Jennifer Woolman
Joseph & Leslye Zipperer
Julie Zarek

“My sister, classmates, and I made lemonade stands and earned $11.65 to give to the new gym.”
Charlotte, 3rd Grade

"I have been a member of Our Lady of the Lake Parish and School for fifty-two years. This community partnered with my parents to raise me spiritually and academically. This community has also partnered with Gary and me to raise our children spiritually and academically. Now, it is our responsibility as members of this community to support our Laker Legacy into the future and we will do that gratefully."

Patty Donahue Corum

“I am proud to see us “reaching beyond” with our commitment to renovate the current event center and related functions (i.e., gym, lunch room, kitchen, stage, etc.). With thoughtful design we can improve these vital functions to ensure we can serve the growing needs of this parish for decades to come.”
– Mike Harmon

“A bigger gym means more energized events where we get to meet everyone.”
– Aiden, 8th Grade

“Preparing for the auction takes several weeks and the gym can’t be used for anything else during that time. This expansion means that we can prepare for the auction and no one gets left behind in the process. It also means we can build on past successes and invite more people. There will be nothing to hold us back!”
– Eileen Shiley

“We can play basketball without hitting off the wall. This also gives a chance to meet more people in the parish because everyone will fit in the new building.”
– Noah, 8th Grade

“Physical Education plays a vital role in student’s growth and development. With a new event center we will be able to create a safer learning environment that is more adequate in meeting the needs of the growing population here at OLL. The larger space with modern technology in place will allow school programs to grow and flourish into the 21st century.”
–Michelle Christensen, Physical Education Teacher

“Put your money where it will do some good for others. And that is the OLL campaign.”
–Maggy Beaver