“As a parent, it is great to be involved and help make changes when needed, to be involved in the whole process.”
Bill Crossland, parent/alum

Call to Protect Training

Interested in volunteering here at OLL? If so, please plan to attend a Called to Protect Class and going through a background check. Both are required of any adult who wishes to volunteer with students at OLL.
  • Register for the "Called to Protect for Ministries" class here (do not register for the "Called to Protect for Families" class)
  • Download the background form here.
After attending the class, participants will receive a confirmation certificate via email. Please provide this certificate to the school and/or parish. Once this is done, participants may begin volunteering.

If you already attended the Called to Protect class, you are required to complete a 15 minute online training every year. You can register for the online class by going to here. Click on ‘My Obligations’ at the top and follow the prompts.

The Safe Environment Program requires all volunteers to take one of these classes yearly. The My Obligations tab will show you which classes you still need to take and in which order. Thank you for helping keep our school and parish community safe for everyone.