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Auction 101 - What to Expect

What is a Silent Auction and How Does It Work?

On the night of the auction, doors will open for bidding on the Silent Auctions. You will pick up your registration packet with your bid number and table assignment, and start bidding on items of interest. Your catalog will be available the week before so you will have had plenty of time to mark those goodies with Post It notes. The catalog will also be posted on our auction website.

There are three silent sections, each section will offer great items for your perusal. A bid sheet is posted next to each item with an opening bid, various dollar amount increments, and the Guaranteed Bid at the bottom. If you absolutely must take that item home with you, merely enter your bid number at the space next to the Guaranteed Bid amount and you have purchased it. Otherwise, enter a bid and keep an eye on it to make sure no other bid tops yours.

What is a Live Auction?

As soon as all the guests are seated, the prayer offered, and first course served, our auctioneer will launch right into the Live Auction. You won't hear all that fast talking that no one can understand. You will hear the description of the item that is being auctioned and see its image on the big screen.

There are all kinds of treasures to appeal to all kinds of folks - classroom art projects, getaways for families and special items for kids of all ages. Sit back and enjoy your gourmet, multi-course meal as you are entertained by enthusiastic bidding by the guests. Midpoint in the auction we will raise the paddle for the Fund-an Item! <link to the info about the Fund-an-Item on the main page>

Once all of the Live Auction items have been sold and you have enjoyed your dessert and coffee, proceed to collect your items, and celebrate with families and friends of OLL. If you sign up for ExpressPay, you need only collect your items and head for home. Your invoice and credit card receipt will be mailed to your home within a week. If not, proceed to banking to check out and pay for your purchases.

Express Pay

Sign up for Express Pay when you first arrive at the auction. Then you will not need to stop at the banking area after the Live Auction.  Just collect your items from the Silent Auction tables where you bid on them and head for home.

Dessert Dash

On the night of the auction your table can bid on a dessert to share with each other. Each patron or couple decides on an individual bid and tallies it up with the bids of their table-mates.  This total is the amount that your group has decided to put toward a dessert.  Now, don't be shy!  The higher the bid, the better the pickin’ - the highest bidders get first choice!  The second highest bidders get second choice, and so on…until all that's left is “Twinkies”!

We all know that dessert is the most important food group!  So look over the Dessert Dash display or review the list in the auction catalog before you sit down for dinner, You should also elect a "runner" from your table – someone quick, decisive and unafraid.  In other words, bid high and run fast!