“OLL's many multi-generational families and cherished traditions help sustain its community-oriented culture.”
Caryn Jorgensen, parent/alum

Annual Gala Dinner and Auction

April 6, 2019

OLL Event Center
Doors Open at 5:30 pm
Auction Website

Get a sneak peek at the 2019 catalog now and plan for the items you want to bid on.

Your Role

Each OLL family is expected to procure a donation, item or service valued at $250 for the auction. Volunteers are also needed to help with planning, decorations, item preparation, and day of event activities. Contact us to get involved today. Success depends on you!


-If you are ready to donate your item or service now, just CLICK HERE and follow the instruction to DONATE AN ITEM ONLINE.  We encourage you to upload a picture of your item when completing the donation form online. Then...

  1. Print your receipt and attach it to your item.
  2. Bring your item into the school office and drop it off. Our Procurement Team will record it and put it in storage until the big night.
  3. Need help getting your item delivered? Contact our Auction Procurement team and they can help coordinate pickup/delivery.

-Procurement packets are in the office  If you have questions or would like to discuss your ideas, contact us.  For more ideas, see Procurement 101 Sponsorship and Advertising 101 and our Amazon procurement wish list.


The auction is the school’s largest community-building event and fundraiser. Hundreds of items will be available to bid on through our Online Auction, Silent Auctions and spectacular Live Auction. Check out  Auction 101 to find out what to expect.


The proceeds from this event reduce the school’s reliance on tuition as the sole source of operational revenue.  Each year, the auction contributes well over $75,000 directly to the school.

Within every Auction, the Fund-An Item is one of the most important items we have and is truly our largest fundraiser! The "Item" usually makes up approximately 30% of our overall net profit and goes to fund a specific enhancement for the school that isn't included in the school's regular operating budget. The "Item" or "Need" is carefully considered by the principal, staff and Parent's Club. This Fund-An-Item targets a particular need of the school and asks members of the parish and school community to support it during the auction. You can bid at multiple levels depending on where your family feels comfortable giving. This Fund-An-Item is sometimes a curricular enhancement (like technology software or hardware), a project (like renovating the science lab) and almost always has a tuition assistance component. 100% of your donation goes back to the school and it is fully tax deductible! In addition, you don't need to be at the auction to donate to it and even better many of your employers will match these dollars with just a little addition paperwork from you. Please consider this year's Fund-An-Item! Questions about Employer Matching can be directed to the school office at 206-525-9980.


Invitations will be mailed to all school and parish families in early spring and we expect over 250 friends of OLL to attend. We will send an invitation to anyone you would like to invite: your friends, family and neighbors. Check out Attending the Auction to find out more and see how to invite your friends.