“Send your kids to OLL because it is a loving, caring and nurturing environment. What we have at OLL is incredible.”
Bill Crossland, parent/alum


Dear friends,

Thank you for your interest in Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School. For nearly 70 years, OLL has faithfully served its students alongside the Our Lady of the Lake Parish and Wedgwood neighborhood communities. Deeply rooted in our sense of place and purpose, OLL exists to offer an outstanding Catholic education to the children of this parish and our community at large.

We are blessed with a superb faculty and staff who take great pride in their vocations as Catholic school teachers and administrators. From preschool through eighth grade, our teachers continually find ways to encourage and challenge their students. Every experience is seen as a memorable learning opportunity. This student-centered approach, which brings together academic learning, interpersonal relationships, and faith formation, enables OLL faculty members to continually keep students engaged in the learning process.

OLL teachers make every effort to know and connect with their students as unique individuals. By offering an outstanding Catholic education in an environment that is safe, nurturing and focused on learning, our teachers help children discover and explore their own interests, passions, and talents. Together with parents and guardians, the staff at OLL strives to develop students who are:
  • Active Catholic Christians
  • Lifelong learners
  • Effective communicators
  • Self-aware individuals
  • Active citizens
Last but not least, our Laker community is a vibrant resource that our school is both appreciative and proud of. At OLL, school spirit is contagious. With the help of committed alumnae, supportive parents, and dedicated local professionals, our school not only maintains its status as an outstanding place of learning, but is constantly refined and improved. Both the OLL Parents Club and the Development Committee contribute their energy and expertise to the school’s organizational framework. The School Commission ensures that strategic planning, policy development, and implementation efforts are focused and consistent with the school’s means and mission statement.

This is indeed a school to be proud of. We welcome you to come experience the OLL community! 

Daniel P. Mullen

OLL Preschool/PreK Brochure

OLL K-8th Grade Brochure