“I like that OLL is our parish school. We can walk to both class and church, and it provides the targeted support our children need.”
Dianna Britz, parent

Administration/Staff Directory

Priest Administrator

Fr. Tim Clark



Vince McGovern
206.525.9980 ext. 223


Vice Principal

Bonnie Meyer
206.525.9980 ext. 237


School Secretary

Kathy Boyle
206.525.9980 ext. 210


School Counselor

Katie Davis


Extended Care

Vickie Kush

Jennifer Kush

Extended Care Page

Kids Club

Carolyn Breysse
206.525.9980 ext. 221

Annie Schalk

Kids Club Page

CYO Athletics

Jennifer Kush

CYO Athletics Page

Facilities Supervisor

Tim Pruss

John Altenhofen