“I like that OLL is our parish school. We can walk to both class and church, and it provides the targeted support our children need.”
Dianna Britz, parent

Administration/Staff Directory


Fr. Tim Clark
206-523-6776 ext.133



Daniel P. Mullen


Vice Principal

Bonnie Meyer
206-525-9980, ext. 237


Development Director

Joan Sullivan
206-523-6776, ext. 120

Business Manager

Carolyn Casey
206-525-9980,  ext. 210


School Counselor

Katie Denniston
206-525-9980, ext. 220


Extended Care

Vickie Kush

Jennifer Kush

Extended Care Page

Kids Club

206-525-9980,  ext. 221

Kids Club Page

CYO Athletics

Jennifer Kush

CYO Athletics Page

Facilities Supervisor

Tim Pruss

Jakob Pruss