“OLL's many multi-generational families and cherished traditions help sustain its community-oriented culture.”
Caryn Jorgensen, parent/alum

Gym/Event Center Project Update

October 2011

The outpouring of generous support from the Our Lady of the Lake community for our Gym/Event Center has been extraordinary since we began pursuing this project. The dedication of our parishioners and school families and willingness to give back of their time, talents and treasure has been truly inspiring, and has demonstrated the very special nature of our OLL faith community. Many people have expressed to me their strong belief that the Gym/Event Center as it has been conceptualized is exactly what is needed for our growing parish and school.

So far your generosity has resulted in an amazing $2 million dollars being pledged to support the new center – 75% of our projected total cost of $2.7 million! To date an impressive 40% of our parish and school families have made pledge of financial support.

Over the summer, during a hiatus in our fund raising activity, a lot of work has been underway with architects, construction firms and the city to finalize the design, obtain more detailed cost estimates, and to meet city permitting/building code requirements. We recently encountered a challenge with the city regarding a requirement to install sidewalks and curbs on NE 89th Street as a permit condition. We are working diligently in partnership with our hired experts to reach a resolution that will be acceptable to the city, cost effective for OLL, and will facilitate pedestrian flow around our new Gym/Event Center. I am confident that a reasonable solution will be reached soon.

Our hope is that we will break ground on our new Gym/Event Center by mid 2012. In order to make our vision a reality we need to secure commitments for the full project cost and have “cash on hand” that equals one half the estimated cost. We are well on our way toward these milestones, with $2 million in commitments and $525,000 in cash received from outright donations and pledge payments. Both are remarkable demonstrations of commitment to our project and we are very grateful. We will be continuing our efforts in the months ahead to secure the remaining $700,000 from our OLL parish family as well as external sources, and to receive the remaining balance of “cash on hand” in time to meet our mid-2012 start date.

Based on the response of our OLL parish and school community to date, we have decided to move forward with the project that will prepare us for the start of our construction. The church and school boilers have now been replaced due to their age and inefficiency, which will help us to be as “green” as possible by taking full advantage of our new solar panels. Not only will we see significant savings in terms of maintenance and energy costs, we will also be able to obtain a grant from Puget Sound Energy to fund a portion of the costs.

My confident hope and prayer is that we will continue to see tremendous commitment and generosity from our OLL parish and school families in the months ahead, and that we will be able to secure the support necessary for us to build our new Gym/Event Center beginning in mid-2012. I am so very grateful to the parish and school families who have contributed to date, and to those who will be adding their support in the months ahead.

Thank you for your continued understanding and generosity. “All hands need to be on the rope, as we bring our vision to the shore of possibility!”

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Timothy Clark